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  1. India Unicorn Flipkart Seeks Cash to Battle Amazon (AMZN, BABA)

    In an effort to take on rivals Amazon and Alibaba, India's Flipkart wants to raise up to $1.5 billion.
  2. Kroger Reports Earnings Beat; But Comps Outlook Is Underwhelming (KR)

    Kroger announced mixed results for its fiscal year 2016 fourth quarter and full year.
  3. The One Thing to Watch When Kroger Announces Q4 Earnings (KR)

    Kroger reports its fourth quarter results on March 2, and investors should look out for the company outlook for 2017.
  4. Target Earnings Fall; Plans To Reduce Prices (TGT)

    Target missed analyst estimates dealing with slow-moving inventory.
  5. Cyber Identity

    Cyber identity refers to the personality or personalities that is created through a person’s online interactions.
  6. Target Shares Hurt by Gloomy Outlook (TGT, WMT)

    Target's disappointing fourth quarter results and outlook are also weighing on Wal-Mart shares.
  7. Wal-Mart Wants Luring Shoppers From Kroger and Aldi (WMT)

    Wal-Mart has been reducing prices on grocery items in some states in a bid to better compete against discount supermarket ...
  8. Procter & Gamble to Cut Gillette Prices (PG)

    P&G have noticed gaps in its product pricing model, and it's working to close that gap by lowering prices.
  9. Two Wal-Mart Numbers are Working Against Each Other (WMT)

    Walmart's online business is trending north, but is it making operating income trend south?
  10. Chipotle Digital Order Wait Time Cut in Half (CMG)

    Chipotle has completed the roll-out of its "Smarter Pickup Times" technology. The tech reduces digital order wait time by ...
  11. Walmart E-Commerce Intimidating Amazon (WMT, AMZN)

    Walmart is threatening to be a tough e-commerce contender for Amazon.
  12. Retail Empires Strike Back with Omnichannel Strategies (WMT, AMZN)

    Traditional retailers are working hard to offer a seamless shopping experience in order to better compete online.
  13. Mattel Targets Chinese Consumers With Alibaba Deal (MAT, BABA)

    Mattel and Alibaba join forces to tap into the toy market in China.
  14. Retailers Step Up Shopping Experience (NKE, COH)

    Retailers like Nike, Coach and Abercrombie & Fitch are trying to lure more customers with improved store amenities.
  15. Square

    Square helps small businesses accept credit cards, track sales and inventory and even obtain financing.
  16. Social Payment

    Social payment is the use of social media to transfer money to another person or business.
  17. Amazon Earnings Puts Spotlight on Retail ETFs

    Amazon comprises a big part of FDN, XLY and RTH, making the e-commerce giant's earnings a significant event for these ETFs.
  18. UPS Staying Busy With E-Commerce Returns (UPS)

    With record e-commerce sales during the holiday season, UPS anticipates a heavy workload on "National Returns Day."
  19. The Race for India's E-Commerce Market (AMZN, BABA)

    With an estimated 1.3 billion people and two-thirds of them below the age of 35, India is the fastest growing worldwide market ...
  20. Wal-Mart Makes Sweeping Management Changes (WMT, AMZN)

    New digital talent is moving in to help the world's largest retailer make inroads into the online space.
  21. Wal-Mart Is Betting Big On E-Commerce In 2017 (WMT, AMZN)

    The Arkansas-retailer will look more like an e-commerce company in the future, according to CEO Doug McMillon.
  22. Should Investors Believe the Alibaba International Growth Story? (BABA, AMZN)

    Alibaba founder Jack Ma recently told Fortune magazine that 40% of Alibaba's business will be outside China in a decade. ...
  23. The Difference Between Amazon And Alibaba's Business Models

    Learn how Alibaba and Amazon compare in terms of each company's applied business model, and understand the markets each company ...
  24. Nike and Ralph Lauren Shine in e-Commerce (NKE, RL)

    A Goldman Sachs analyst has identified Nike and Ralph Lauren as opportunities in the apparel retail sector.
  25. Will Wal-Mart's $2B E-commerce Investment Pay Off? (WMT)

    Amid increasing costs, a big investment dedicated to improving online sales can act as a much-needed catalyst for Wal-Mart.
  26. Is Amazon Taking Other Retailers' Shares? (AMZN, BBY)

    Learn about the growing market share of e-commerce in U.S. retail sales. See how Amazon's dominance of the e-commerce market ...
  27. BABA: Who are Alibaba's Main Competitors?

    Learn about China's dominant e-commerce company, Alibaba, including its main domestic competitor, JD.com, and other players ...
  28. Alibaba Makes a Lifesaving $1B Investment in Lazada (BABA)

    The Chinese Internet giant continues its acquisition spree and advancement into Southeast Asian markets with the acquisition ...
  29. Alibaba Vs. JD.Com: The Battle for China (BABA, JD)

    Read about the growing rivalry between China's two largest e-commerce companies, and learn more about how the competition ...
  30. Can the Tech Sector Save the Ailing Chinese Economy? (CCCQ, QQQC)

    The tech sector has been the sole winner in the declining Chinese market. Does it have the potential to sustain the momentum, ...
  31. The 5 Best Alternatives to eBay (AMZN, EBAY)

    Understand the benefits and drawbacks of eBay, as well as the industry in which it operates. Learn about five alternatives ...
  32. Understanding Alibaba's Business Model

    A look at Alibaba Group's business model and how it relates to e-commerce leaders in the United States.
  33. How has the shift to e-commerce affected the profitability of companies in credit services?

    Learn how the shift to e-commerce has benefited credit services companies by making it easier for consumers to use credit, ...
  34. Alibaba's Top Competitors

    A look at Alibaba’s top competitors to understand perceived and real competitive threats to the Chinese ecommerce giant.
  35. Navigating E-commerce: Alibaba, eBay and Amazon

    Amazon, e-Bay and Alibaba were each game-changers in global e-commerce, with each not only finding its own niche, but inventing ...
  36. Alibaba IPO: 5 Things To Know

    Five things to know about the company that dominates the world’s largest e-commerce market.
  37. China's Booming E-Commerce Market

    China’s rapidly growing consumer story is spreading to its e-commerce sector as well. Given the nation’s huge population ...
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