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  1. Comparing Human Financial Advisors to Robo-Advisors

    While robe-advisors have opened up the financial advice world to younger lower net worth investors, there are still many ...
  2. How to Develop a Solid Annual Rebalancing Plan

    An annual portfolio rebalancing plan can preserve your original asset allocation and reduce risk while improving overall ...
  3. 7 Top Non-U.S. Robo-Advisors

    Want a global perspective on your finances? Maybe you should consider going with one of these international robo-advisors.
  4. Top Trends for Financial Advisors

    From robo-advisors to retiring clients, financial advisors find themselves face-to-face with big changes that are roiling ...
  5. How Fintech Is Disrupting Wealth Management

    Fintech's disruption of wealth management is good news for advisors who choose to adapt.
  6. Should You Trust a Robot to Manage Your Money?

    Robo-advisors offer several benefits, but should investors trust a computer to manage their investments?
  7. Buying ETFs Online Is Easy: Here's How

    Learn how and where to purchase exchange-traded funds (ETFs) online, bypassing the standard broker commission that must be ...
  8. Robo-Advisors, the Ultra Rich’s New Best Friend

    Explore the services offered by robo-advisors, and learn how their substantially lower fees can represent significant savings ...
  9. What Advisors Can Learn From Ultra-Wealthy Clients

    The demands of bellwether ultra-wealthy clients are changing; here's what to expect and how to adjust your practices.
  10. Tips for Breaking the Ice with New Clients

    Keeping new clients happy and engaged is a challenge for financial advisors, and frankly, for any provider of professional ...
  11. Blooom: How This Robo-Advisor Automates Your 401(k)

    Blooom is a robo-advisor that answers the question, “Am I getting the best results from my retirement account?”.
  12. Vanguard Personal Advisor Services: A Quick Review

    Vanguard emphasizes an advisory relationship, it uses technology to do most of the legwork in constructing and managing the ...
  13. Inuitive Investor: Wells Fargo's Robo-Advisor

    Wells Fargo entered the robo-advisor field with the launch of Intuitive Investor, its automated digital service, in 2017.
  14. How Financial Advisors Can Adjust to Robo-Advisors

    Here's what advisors wary of robo-advisors may consider: cutting their fees, being more tech-savvy and providing more specialized ...
  15. The Top Robo-Advisors for Retirees

    Robo-advisors are often associated with young investors, but there are a few online services that cater to retirees.
  16. 20 Industries Threatened by Tech Disruption

    Mainstream economic thought says that while those displaced by technology will see their industries destroyed, the industries ...
  17. Tips for Assessing a Client's Risk Tolerance

    Determining a client’s risk tolerance is a critical piece of the puzzle in designing and appropriate asset allocation.
  18. Robo-Advisors Face First Market Downturn Test

    The use of robo-advisors has been rising for years, but they are experiencing a major market downtown for the first time. ...
  19. How Financial Advisors Pick Client Investments

    How advisors choose investment portfolios is varied, and investors are wise to check with theirs to find out how they make ...
  20. 10 Best Tools for Financial Advisors

    Financial advisors can stay abreast of financial trends and serve clients with these 10 state-of-the-art technological tools. ...
  21. What's the Best Robo-Advisor?

    Which robo-advisor is right for you? There are many factors to consider, including the breadth of services, ease of use and ...
  22. What the Next Decade Holds for Financial Advisors

    Ranging from demographic to digital, these trends are rapidly transforming the financial advisory business.
  23. Becoming an Independent Financial Advisor

    Thinking of going independent with your financial advisory practice? Here are some things to consider.
  24. Advisor Insights: What You Need to Know

    Advisor Insights seeks to connect Investopedia's 20 million visitors to the many financial advisors who use the site, providing ...
  25. Waddell & Reed Advisors vs. Robo-Advisors: Which is Right for You?

    Waddell & Reed is a venerable firm that takes a traditional approach to asset management. Here's how it differs from ...
  26. How to Evaluate a Robo-Advisor

    With the addition of robo-advisors, investors have a variety of new choices when it comes to how they find help in managing ...
  27. Liftoff: Is This Robo-Advisor Right for You?

    How does Liftoff, which entered the robo-advisor arena in 2015, stack up against the competition?
  28. What Makes Millennial Savers Unique?

    Millennials entered the job market at a lousy time and owe lots of dough for school. That said, they're still saving like ...
  29. Robo-Advisors and Young Investors

    While robo-advisors can certainly be a good option, young investors shouldn't be completely opposed to hiring a financial ...
  30. When to Ignore Your Robo-Advisor's Advice

    Robo-advisors eliminate some of the headaches associated with managing investments, but they don't always make the best decisions ...
  31. Financial Planning: Can You Do it Yourself?

    There's no shortage of financial advice out there, but do you have the inclination, time and skills to do it yourself?
  32. How Financial Advice Can Boost Your Returns

    Studies show that advisors usually earn their keep by functioning as behavioral coaches for their clients rather than from ...
  33. Why Robots are Bad Financial Advisors

    Robo-advisors can streamline investment management but they fall short in four key areas compared to their human financial ...
  34. JPMorgan Hires Top AI Exec Away From Google

    As Wall Street races for talent to develop next-gen fintech, banks have to compete with tech giants.
  35. Betterment Launches Ad Campaign with 'Billions' Star

    Betterment, the online investing platform, launches a TV ad campaign featuring Wendy Siff of 'Billions'
  36. Amazon 'Well Placed' to Disrupt Asset Management Industry: Bernstein

    Analysts believe the online retailer could make a success of selling mutual funds to retail investors.
  37. 5 Growth Strategies for Financial Advisors

    These 5 strategies offer financial advisors and financial advisory firms a blueprint on how to grow their practices and ensure ...
  38. Top Tips for Young Financial Advisors

    The aging financial advisory business will soon be creating opportunities for young aspiring advisors. Here's how they can ...
  39. CRM2

    CRM2 refers to rules for Canadian investment dealers and advisors that require greater transparency about the cost and performance ...
  40. Best-Interest Contract Exemption (BICE)

    The best-interest contract exemption (BICE) allowed fiduciaries to be paid in ways that were otherwise prohibited, such as ...
  41. Investment Objective

    An investment objective is a client information form used by asset managers that aids in determining the optimal portfolio ...
  42. 25 Companies That Offer Robo-Advisor Services

    Here's a round-up of the most well-known robo-advisors and what they offer.
  43. Robo Tax Loss Harvesting

    Robo tax-loss harvesting is the automated selling of securities in a portfolio to deliberately incur losses to offset any ...
  44. Commission

    A commission is a service charge assessed by a broker or investment advisor in return for providing investment advice and/or ...
  45. B2B Robo-Advisor

    A B2B robo-advisor is a digital automated portfolio management platform that is used by financial advisors.
  46. Micro-Investing Platform

    A micro-investing platform is an application that allows users to regularly save small sums of money.
  47. Advisors: What Does Your Future Hold?

    Advisors who can adapt and incorporate new technologies will position themselves for success. Those who don’t will be left ...
  48. Digital Transaction

    A digital transaction is a seamless system involving one or more participants, where transactions are effected without the ...
  49. Open Banking

    Open Banking is a system that provides a user with a network of financial institutions’ data through the use of application ...
  50. Fiduciary

    A fiduciary is a person who acts on behalf of another person, or persons to manage assets.
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