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  1. How To Invest In Bitcoin Exchange Futures

    We explain the basics of the Bitcoin exchange and futures market.
  2. Bitcoin Futures on CBOE vs. CME: What's the Difference?

    Here are critical differences between the CME and CBOE futures contracts
  3. People Are Mortgaging Their Houses to Buy Bitcoin

    Don't mortgage your house to buy bitcoin.
  4. What Happens to Your Bitcoin If there Is an Apocalypse?

    As bitcoin becomes more popular, you may wonder what will happen to bitcoin if there's an apocalypse.
  5. Litecoin's Phenomenal Year

    Litecoin's price is up by more than 4,000 percent. Here are four reasons why.
  6. Will Bitcoin's Price Move Like Gold and Silver?

    The cryptocurrency is often compared to gold. Will it have similar price movements?
  7. Is Litecoin The Future of Cryptocurrency?

    Litecoin’s drama-free community gives it less volatility and a steady trend, making it great for arbitration, trading, spending, ...
  8. How To Give Bitcoin As A Christmas Gift

    What other gift is both an investment and also a medium of exchange?
  9. Bitcoin Price Rallies On Futures Debut

    The cryptocurrency's price surged to $16,313 after the introduction of bitcoin futures on CBOE.
  10. Bitcoin Will Be a "Multitrillion-Dollar Asset": Winklevoss Twin

    Cameron Winklevoss believes that bitcoin’s reputation as an upgrade on gold will eventually transform it into a "multitrillion-dollar ...
  11. Is Bitcoin's Lightning Network a Game Changer?

    The Lightning network promises faster transaction speed and micropayments on bitcoin's blockchain.
  12. Will Rising Transaction Fees Bring Down Bitcoin's Price?

    Bitcoin's escalating transaction fees have raised eyebrows but experts say they won't hurt bitcoin's price.
  13. Four Problems With Bitcoin Futures

    The stage is set for bitcoin futures trading at CME and CBOE. Here are four problems they could face.
  14. Bitcoin Price Falls After Yesterday's Highs

    Bitcoin's price fell into correction territory this morning as other cryptocurrencies gained strength.
  15. Bitcoin Plummets More Than 12 Percent to Below $15,000

    Bitcoin tumbled more than 12 percent in volatile Asian trading on Friday, dropping below the $15,000 level after touching ...
  16. What Was Behind Bitcoin’s Insane Price Moves On Dec. 7?

    What caused bitcoin prices to fluctuate so wildly on December 7?
  17. Bitcoin Surges Above $15,000 After Climbing $2,000 in 12 Hours

    Bitcoin rocketed above $15,000 for the first time on Thursday, after adding more than $2,000 to its price in fewer than 12 ...
  18. The 6 Most Important Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin

    Bitcoin is hardly the only game in town.
  19. Bitcoin Mining Market Hacked: $70M Stolen from NiceHash

    The mining platform NiceHash is investigating the theft of 4,736 bitcoins in a brazen hack.
  20. Best Ways To Protect Your Bitcoins

    Just like any other valuable asset, its important to keep your bitcoins safe. Here are few ways to protect bitcoins from ...
  21. Why Do Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin Have Buy and Sell Walls?

    Large cryptocurrency holders often manipulate the prices of those currencies via buy and sell walls.
  22. Should You Buy Gold Or Bitcoin?

    Uncertainty is in the air; we might not be in bull market forever. If you exit stocks, should you go gold or bitcoin?
  23. Bitcoin's Price Is Unstoppable: Tops $16,000

    The cryptocurrency's price has risen over $3,000 in less than 24 hours amid dire warnings about its future.
  24. Bitcoin Is Now Bigger Than These Companies

    From a slice of pizza to $260 billion. How Bitcoin has grown bigger than some corporate giants.
  25. A Closer Look at IOTA

    While bitcoin's wild price swings have grabbed headlines, IOTA's performance has been no less stellar.
  26. Digital Currency Exchange NiceHash Says Bitcoin Worth Nearly $64 Mln Hacked

    Cryptocurrency marketplace NiceHash said the contents of its bitcoin wallet had been stolen in a security breach and one ...
  27. Bitcoin Price Races Past $13,000

    Bitcoin's price jumped from $12k to $13k in less than 24 hours.
  28. This Bitcoin "Bull Market" Is Nothing

    Compared to previous runups in bitcoin's price, this "bull market" hardly deserves that label.
  29. Why is the Price of Bitcoin Different Around the World?

    Clues to the inconsistent price of Bitcoin's exact value at any given time answer lie in bitcoin's decentralized status.
  30. Bitcoin Price Crosses $12,000, On Track For $13,000 Next

    Bitcoin's price topped $12,000, setting yet another record. How soon will the cryptocurrency hit $13,000?
  31. Bitcoin Zooms Above $13,000 to Record High on Relentless Demand

    Bitcoin extended its rally on Wednesday, breaking above $13,000 to a record high despite questions about the cryptocurrency's ...
  32. Bitcoin Government Regulations Around the World

    With the total market capitalization of cryptocurrency climbing further into the hundreds of billions, the world’s governments ...
  33. Bitcoin Price Inches Closer To $12,000

    The price of bitcoin touched a new record high this morning before retreating.
  34. SEC's Cyber Unit Files Charges vs ICO Scam That Raised $15M

    The SEC's new cyber unit said Canadian company Plex Corps raised $15 million in a fraudulent ICO.
  35. CryptoKitties Rule Traffic on Ethereum's Blockchain

    CryptoKitties, a game featuring digital cats, accounts for 11% to 15% of the traffic on ethereum's blockchain.
  36. Cboe to Start Bitcoin Futures Trading on Dec. 10

    Cboe Global Markets has beaten cross-town rival CME in starting bitcoin futures trading.
  37. Bitcoin Investors Holding Out For Price Levels Around $200K

    A report by LendEDU provides insight into how bitcoin investors think about the cryptocurrency.
  38. Why Did Amazon Buy Up Cryptocurrency URLs?

    A flurry of domain purchases in November has prompted some to speculate that Amazon is venturing into cryptocurrencies.
  39. Federal Reserve May Introduce A Cryptocurrency In The Future

    What are the benefits and drawbacks of having a central bank like the Fed issue cryptocurrencies?
  40. Bitcoin Investing Overtakes Stocks In Google Search Trends

    Web searches for "How To Invest In Bitcoins" are more popular than "How To Invest In Stocks" according to Google Trends.
  41. Bitcoin Price Sets New High and a New Normal

    Prices hovering in the $11,000 range is a new normal of sorts for bitcoin.
  42. UK Authorities Plan Crackdown on Bitcoin

    Under the new rules, traders will no longer be able to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies anonymously.
  43. Winklevoss Twins Are Bitcoin's First Billionaires

    Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have become the world's first bitcoin billionaires.
  44. Can Futures Trading Solve Bitcoin's Problems?

    The introduction of futures trading is being hailed as the legitimization of bitcoin trading but what else does it mean?
  45. Bitcoin Price Defies Critics, Crosses $11,000 Again

    After crashing last week, bitcoin trended upwards again and topped $11,000 over the weekend.
  46. How to Buy Bitcoin

    Investopedia explains how to buy Bitcoin using
  47. 3 Obscure Cryptocurrencies to Watch

    As bitcoin continues to break price records, some investors are looking to other digital currencies in search of a breakout ...
  48. Bitcoin Price Reverses Course After CME Sets Futures Trading Date

    Bitcoin's price blew past the $10,000 mark again after the CME announcement.
  49. CME to Launch Bitcoin Futures

    Bitcoin derivatives will be available for trading in mid-December.
  50. The Halo Effect of Bitcoin Price Helps Grow Its Ecosystem

    The growing ecosystem of services around bitcoin has a complementary relationship with its price.
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