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  1. What's a Cryptocurrency Exit Scam? How Do You Spot One?

    An introduction to exit scams, and tips to spot and avoid one before making the wrong investment choice.
  2. UK Launches Cryptocurrency Task Force

    The news comes as governments around the world are seeking to regulate the digital currency market.
  3. Stealth Address (Cryptocurrency)

    Stealth addresses hide the identity of the receiver of a blockchain transaction, ensuring stronger privacy and anonymity ...
  4. Why Google is Building its Own Blockchain

    Here's why Alphabet Inc.'s Google is actively pursuing a blockchain based offering.
  5. How Blockchain reduces "Friction" in Retail

    Blockchain creates a more direct, mutually-beneficial playing field for retailers and shoppers alike.
  6. How Coinfloor's Bitcoin Futures Differ from CME, CBOE

    UK-based Coinfloor recently announced physically-settled bitcoin futures. How do they differ from the cash-settled bitcoin ...
  7. G-20 Classifies Bitcoin as an Asset

    Countries are more likely to view cryptocurrencies as assets than as currencies.
  8. Bittrex to Remove 82 Altcoins From Its Offerings

    The exchange will delist the cryptocurrencies on March 30.
  9. Birake

    Birake bills itself as the first 'white label' cryptocurrency exchange.
  10. IRS Pushes Back Against Cryptocurrency Investors

    The IRS is treating anything purchased with cryptocurrencies as a capital gain.
  11. NSA Helped Track Down Bitcoin Users, Snowden Papers Allege

    The leaks suggest that bitcoin surveillance remains a top priority for the NSA as it seeks to monitor groups that use it ...
  12. What is Illicit Cryptomining?

    Illicit cryptomining is when malicious parties try to surreptitiously mine for cryptocurrency using others' computing power.
  13. Winklevoss Twins Unveil Proposal for Self-Regulation of Crypto Markets

    The Winklevoss twins outlined a proposal for self-regulation of cryptocurrency markets. Here are the pros and cons.
  14. Coca-Cola and US State Dept Use Blockchain to Combat Forced Labor

    Coca-Cola and the U.S. State Department are using blockchain to combat forced labor in their supply chains.
  15. Who is Garrett Camp, Uber Founder and Crypto Inventor?

    Uber co-founder Garrett Camp recently launched a cryptocurrency initiative called Eco.
  16. Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase and Barclays Team Up

    Top cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase opened a bank account with Barclay's, one of the U.K.'s biggest banks.
  17. Trump Bans Venezuelan Cryptocurrency Petro

    Trump signed an executive order banning Americans from buying the dubious Venezuelan cryptocurrency, the petro.
  18. COTI (Cryptocurrency)

    COTI, the currency of the Internet, speeds up digital payment processing with a zero to low cost fee structure.
  19. Bitcoin Price Swings Resemble Dotcom Crash: Morgan Stanley

    Bitcoin's wild price swings are mimicking the chaos that erupted before the Dotcom Crash, says Morgan Stanley.
  20. Bitcoin Price Climbs Amid Twitter Cryptocurrency Ban Rumors

    Bitcoin prices staged a minor comeback after approaching $7,000 amid reports of a Twitter cryptocurrency ban.
  21. Can Decentralized, Blockchain-based Internet Become A Reality?

    Here’s what a decentralized, blockchain-based internet promises, and where it may face issues.
  22. Tezos

    Tezos is a decentralized blockchain project that has run into snags since its successful ICO.
  23. Bitcoin Misery Index

    The bitcoin misery index measures the momentum of bitcoin based on its price and volatility.
  24. MoneroV (Cryptocurrency)

    MoneroV (XMV) is a private, finite and secure cryptocurrency emerging as a hard-fork version of Monero (XMR).
  25. Adding Bitcoin Makes Robinhood Valuation Skyrocket

    Adding cryptocurrency trading has helped Robinhood, the free stock trading app, balloon in value to $5.6 billion.
  26. Can ICOs Survive Regulatory Scrutiny?

    The SEC is taking a closer look at whether or not crypto should be held to the same standards as traditional investments. ...
  27. Blockchain Unlocking Advertisers’ Profit Potential

    In online advertising’s current paradigm, there is an unavoidable conflict of interest. Enter blockchain.
  28. PayPal Files Patent for Faster Cryptocurrency Payment System

    PayPal filed a patent to launch a faster cryptocurrency payment system that could threaten established rivals.
  29. Hashed Timelock Contract

    A hashed timelock contract is a smart contract used in cryptocurrencies to configure time-bound contracts.
  30. Qtum

    Qtum is a cryptocurrency that combines ethereum's smart contracts with bitcoin's security.
  31. Billionaire Jack Dorsey Bets on Blockchain as Bitcoin Price Craters

    Bitcoin's price tumbled more than 6% even amid news that Twitter billionaire Jack Dorsey is betting on blockchain.
  32. Bitcoin's Lightning Network: Three Possible Problems

    Bitcoin's lightning network is expected to be a big leap forward for the cryptocurrency despite some drawbacks.
  33. Bitcoin Miners No Longer Turning a Profit Creating Cryptocurrency

    Falling bitcoin prices, a surge in competition among miners and lower transaction fees have cut into miners' revenues.
  34. Are Bitcoin Payment Services Similar to Credit Cards?

    Here's how Bitcoin Payment Services works and if it's a threat to credit card giants like Visa and Amex.
  35. Billionaire Peter Thiel Goes Long on Bitcoin, Iffy About All Other Cryptos

    Billionaire Peter Thiel is a bitcoin bull who's taking a long position on the top cryptocurrency.
  36. What Are Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

    Most cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum are traded via centralized exchanges. Here's how.
  37. Bitcoin Price Crashed in Mass Selloff as Crypto Owners Try to Avoid Taxes

    Bitcoin's price collapse may be due to cryptocurrency owners trying to avoid paying capital gains taxes.
  38. Merkle Root (Cryptocurrency)

    A Merkle root contains information about every single transaction hash that ever was on a particular block in a blockchain.
  39. HD Wallet (Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet)

    An HD Wallet offers better security and automated secure key generation compared to a standard digital wallet.
  40. ASIC

    ASICs are new-age integrated electronic circuits used in cryptocurrency mining hardware devices.
  41. Lightweight Node (Cryptocurrency)

    Lightweight nodes are computers that perform the basic functions that keep a blockchain agile and running.
  42. OneCoin

    Bulgaria-based OneCoin cryptocurrency network is alleged to be a Ponzi scheme.
  43. Bitcoin Bloodbath: Price Nosedives as $53 Billion Wiped off Crypto Market Cap

    Bitcoin's price crashed below $8,000 as $53 billion was wiped off the combined market caps of the cryptocurrency market.
  44. UK Crypto Exchange Operator to Launch First-Ever Physically Settled Bitcoin Futures

    London-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinfloor will launch physically settled bitcoin futures in April.
  45. Google Cryptocurrency Ad Ban is Trouble for Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

    After Google and Facebook banned cryptocurrency ads, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey may feel pressure to do the same.
  46. Playboy To Roll Out Its Own Cryptocurrency Wallet

    Playboy Enterprises plans to launch a cryptocurrency wallet for its network of websites.
  47. Grayscale Launches Four New Cryptocurrency Funds

    Four new funds provide ways to invest in individual cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Litecoin and Ripple.
  48. Bitcoin Bubble 'Probably Just About to Burst,' Says Allianz Global Investors

    The cryptocurrency "ticks all of the boxes that we consider to be essential criteria of any asset bubble," the asset manager ...
  49. Master Node (Cryptocurrency)

    Master nodes are full nodes that incentivize the node operators to perform the core consensus functions of running a blockchain.
  50. Full Node

    Full Nodes are computers on a blockchain that maintain the core consensus rules of the network.
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