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  1. Product Placement

    Product placement is a form of advertising in which branded goods and services are featured in a video production that targets ...
  2. Virtual Office

    A virtual office gives businesses a physical address and office-related services without the overhead of a long lease and ...
  3. Facebook and Xiaomi Will Launch a Virtual Reality Headset in China

    The social network's partnership with smartphone giant Xiaomi enables it to get around strict Chinese regulation.
  4. Apple's App Store Hit Record $300 Million in Sales on New Year's Day

    Apple kicked off 2018 with a bang.
  5. Intel Will Take More Risks, Says CEO in Internal Memo

    Intel is confident it won’t become the next blue chip company to be killed off by technological innovation.
  6. 4 New Platforms Combining VR and Blockchain

    New solutions that combine both blockchain and virtual reality are emerging.
  7. Qualcomm Could Reduce Apple Dependence With New Chip

    The chipmaker plans to put its recent troubles behind it by launching a versatile new processor ahead of schedule.
  8. New Economy

    New economy is a buzzword describing new, high-growth industries that are on the cutting edge of technology and are the driving ...
  9. Top 8 Companies Owned by Twitter (TWTR)

    Twitter has acquired technology companies that have contributed to the top and bottom lines and helped make Twitter one of ...
  10. Is the 'Bitcoin War' Imminent?

    Last weekend's cryptocurrency slump stemmed from fears of a possible Bitcoin split, but this week's recovery offers hope.
  11. New Virtual Reality Cryptocurrency Gets $2.1 in Funding

    A gaming company operating in the virtual reality space has already earned $2.1 million in an ICO.
  12. Intel Gives Up on Wearables

    Intel has reportedly shut down its wearable operations to direct resources to augmented reality.
  13. Investors Should Know These Dates in Bitcoin's Civil War

    The first virtual currency is bound to witness some volatility in its price in the near future.
  14. Google's New VR App Brings 3D Modeling to Novices

    Google’s new free-to-use Blocks app gives even novice users the opportunity to build a snowman, forest, or any other 3D object, ...
  15. The Smartest Companies in the World

    The top companies that not just lead the way in innovation but also turn it into a successful business.
  16. Apple Acquires Eye-Tracking Company (AAPL)

    The eye-tracking technology could help Apple in multiple augmented reality initiatives.
  17. One Year Later: How Much is Prince Worth After His Death?

    It's been a year since Prince's death, and the unreleased songs and videos found in his vault will not be released.
  18. GoPro to Release VR Camera This Summer

    Action camera maker GoPro announces the release of a 360-degree camera called the GoPro Fusion.
  19. Facebook Dives Into Augmented, Virtual Realities on Day 1 of F8 (FB, SNAP)

    The social network kicked off its two-day annual developer conference by introducing new augmented reality and virtual reality ...
  20. Sony to Target Commercial Customers (SNE)

    The video game arm of multinational company Sony is reportedly targeting its PlayStation VR to commercial customers.
  21. Using Virtual Reality to Buy and Sell Your House

    High-end realtors have started to show luxury digs via virtual reality tours, which gives access to buyers all over the country. ...
  22. Lowe's Using VR to Teach Home Improvement (LOW)

    Lowe's recently announced the launch of Holoroom How To, a VR clinic to offer customers on-demand home improvement training.
  23. Sony Exceeds Its Playstation VR Sales Expectations (SNE)

    The Japanese company said it has sold 915,000 Playstation VRs since releasing the device last October.
  24. Can Apple Thrive Where Google Glass Failed? (AAPL, GOOGL)

    A tech blogger has confirmed that Apple is working on augmented reality glasses.
  25. Apple May Release AR Smart Glasses With Carl Zeiss (AAPL)

    Carl Zeiss has the design chops, and Apple has the technology expertise to make an attractive pair of smart glasses.
  26. Skyworks Targets Automotive Space for Growth

    The chipmaker's CEO indicated optimism regarding a fast growing auto chip market.
  27. NVIDIA Reveals Another A.I.-Driven Car En Route

    Hard on the heels of last week's news that NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) and longtime strategic partner Audi plan to introduce an ...
  28. InvenSense Releases New Solutions for IoT

    The U.S.-based chipmaker announces a new MEMS microphone to set to bring high performance audio to controlled home and Internet ...
  29. InvenSense Announces New Wearable Tech Solutions

    The MEMS sensor maker says its new solutions for smart devices will speed OEM's time-to-market.
  30. Skyworks, Libre Team Up for Smart Home Solutions

    The two have teamed up to address the booming wireless audio and connected home market.
  31. Qualcomm Unveils New Snapdragon Chip for IoT

    Qualcomm rolls out a new Snapdragon 835 processor with an eye toward connected devices.
  32. How InvenSense Inc. Performed in 2016

    The semiconductor manufacturer ultimately saw its stock surge on news of a takeover by Japan's TDK.
  33. Why Snapchat Quietly Acquired an Israeli Startup

    In anticipation of its IPO, Snap Inc. has spent hundreds of millions acquiring smaller startups.
  34. Global Video Game Sales to Reach $91B in 2016

    New research from SuperData shows global interactive entertainment revenue up for the year.
  35. Analyst: Lower Skyworks Estimate From iPhone

    Canaccord Genuity foresees weaker iPhone sales in 2017 but also a rebound tied to the iPhone 8.
  36. What Is Google Daydream? (GOOG)

    A short primer on Google's VR platform.
  37. Facebook's Instagram Surpasses 600M Users (FB)

    User base has doubled in two years. Look out, Snapchat.
  38. HBO, Netflix Get VR Upgrades

    Virtual reality (VR) entertainment is slowly making its way to every mainstream platform. Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) and Time ...
  39. FOX Adds VR to Major League Soccer Cup Final

    While virtual reality (VR) has long been viewed as "the next big thing," practical applications for the technology beyond ...
  40. Intel Partners With the NFL on VR Replays

    Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) acquired virtual reality (VR) startup VOKE last month, and it didn't take long at all for it to integrate ...
  41. What Is Tencent? (BABA, BIDU)

    A look at Tencent, one of the top companies in the world in terms of market capitalization.
  42. Sprint, T-Mobile's Black Friday Deals Are Here

    T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) and Sprint (NYSE: S) know that people buy gadgets, including smartphones, on Black Friday, so both ...
  43. Facebook Buys Facial Recognition Firm FacioMetrics (FB)

    In an effort to enhance its photo and video special effects, Facebook has acquired facial recognition startup FacioMetrics.
  44. Qualcomm, Tencent Join for AR, VR Venture (QCOM)

    Qualcomm is teaming up with Tencent of China to grow the augmented and virtual reality markets.
  45. Facebook's Backpack: Threat to Cisco, Juniper? (FB, CSCO)

    Facebook wants to make sure it has enough network capacity to keep up with bandwidth demand.
  46. Fitbit: Lack of Innovation Hurting Growth Rate (FIT)

    Fitbit need to innovate in the wearable fitness market in order to regain its past growth rate.
  47. Game on for Electronic Arts (EA)

    A strong Electronic Arts post-earnings rally is likely to fade under the pressure of growing technical headwinds.
  48. 2 Hot Tech Stocks This Earnings Season (VMW, INVN)

    This network virtualization leader and U.S. chip maker are positioned to gain long-term from positive growth in emerging ...
  49. Qualcomm to Buy NXP for $47 Billion

    In the one of the largest tech deals in history -- and the biggest ever in semiconductors -- smartphone processor and modem ...
  50. Google Acquires Eye-Tracking Technology Startup (GOOG)

    Eyefluence could help the Mountain View company radically reimagine its VR/AR interface.
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