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  1. Super Bowl Ticket Prices Set New Records

    This year's Super Bowl might turn out to be the most expensive ever.
  2. 3 Predictions for Apple in 2016 (AAPL)

    Learn the top three predictions for Apple in 2016. See how share prices should be rebounding as Apple expands its reach into ...
  3. Facebook Opens Pre-orders For Oculus Rift Headsets

    Facebook's Oculus Rift headsets go on sale this Wednesday morning. Will the social network succeed in heralding the advent ...
  4. Nokia Clears Final Alcatel-Lucent Hurdle (ALU, NOK)

    It was April of last year when CEO Rajeev Suri announced that Nokia (NYSE: NOK) had inked a deal to acquire France-based ...
  5. 10 Stocks That Stand to Benefit From the Rise of Virtual Reality

    Earlier attempts at virtual reality failed, but 2016 promises to usher in a new generation of virtual reality technology ...
  6. Top 4 Stocks Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange for 2016 (MTU, SNE)

    Learn about the top Japanese stocks listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange for 2016. Read about problems Sony has had over the ...
  7. Why Bill Gates Says Don't Invest In Oculus Rift

    Should you invest in hot virtual reality tech company, Oculus Rift?
  8. Oculus Rift: Facebook Plans To Teleport You By 2025

    Facebook wants to teleport you to your choice location with your friends. How does the social network plan to achieve this ...
  9. Virtual Reality Will Be a Billion Dollar Business (FB, GOOG)

    According to Citigroup, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (or, VR/AR) will become a $674 billion market by 2025.
  10. These Are Facebook's 5 Biggest Bets for Next Year (FB)

    Look at Facebook's biggest bets for 2016, including virtual reality, a personal assistant, messaging, advertising and satellite ...
  11. How The Video Game Industry Works (AMD, AMZN)

    Traditionally, the video game industry was limited to consoles, such as Microsoft’s (MSFT) Xbox and Sony’s (SNE) PlayStation, ...
  12. This Is What Jeff Bezos's Portfolio Looks Like

    Take a tour of one of the most broad-ranging billionaire investment portfolios, that of Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of
  13. The Biggest Risks of Investing in Facebook Stock (FB)

    Find out what risks Facebook shareholders face in coming years, and why the social media giant may struggle to find new markets ...
  14. GoPro Steals the Show in Fox's "The Martian"

    Action camera maker GoPro (NASDAQ: GPRO) landed a starring role in Twenty-First Century Fox's (NASDAQ: FOX) The Martian, ...
  15. Nokia Introduces Its Own Take on Virtual Reality

    It has been an eventful summer for Finland's Nokia (NYSE: NOK). To the surprise of some industry pundits, the European Union recently ...
  16. 3 Reasons Facebook Is Interested In Oculus Rift

    Facebook is a social media company. Oculus Rift is a virtual headset maker. What do they have in common?
  17. Can Facebook Become the Next Google? (FB, GOOG)

    Facebook and Google have had similar growth trajectories. So, will Facebook go Google's way or will it reach higher?
  18. Spectator Vs. Speculator: Two Market Approaches

    Spectators and speculators rely on different mechanisms to identify and profit from market opportunities.
  19. 3 Reasons GoPro Stock Could Fall (GPRO)

    Shares of GoPro (NASDAQ: GPRO) are up nearly 80% over the last year, including a 35% run over the past three months. After ...
  20. 3 Reasons NVIDIA Stock Could Rise (NVDA)

    After nearly doubling between early 2013 and early 2015, NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) stock has taken a breather in the past few ...
  21. How To Game The Video Game Industry

    Investopedia explores the business, current developments, future trends of video games industry and how the overall industry ...
  22. 3 Reasons GoPro Stock Could Rise (GPRO, AAPL)

    GoPro (NASDAQ: GPRO) stock has had an incredible run. Its 56% jump over the past three months was spurred by its stellar ...
  23. How The Video Game Industry Is Changing

    Video game creation has become increasingly complex, and the cost of creating a game to run on one of the major consoles ...
  24. What is the difference between share purchase rights and options?

    Discover the difference between share purchase rights and options, which are essential to understand when deciding to invest ...
  25. The Top 10 Companies Owned By Facebook (FB)

    These 11 acquisitions show how big, and how rich, Facebook has become.
  26. How To Make Money With Facebook

    With roughly 1.15 billion users, Facebook is the world’s largest social networking platform and a great resource for savvy ...
  27. Microsoft Gets Into The Virtual Reality Business

    Once relegated to the trash bin of innovative technological ideas, virtual reality is making a promising comeback.
  28. Facebook's Most Important Acquisitions

    Strategic acquisitions have been key to Facebook's growth and success, and the company has acquired more than 50 companies ...
  29. 3 Industry-Impacting Innovations On The Horizon

    Here are some industry-impacting innovations that could potentially belong in the famed Carousel of Progress.
  30. The ROI Of Space Exploration

    NASA's return on investment can't be measured by only by what it gets back in capital. We'll look at what effect NASA spending ...
  31. Sorting Out Cult Stocks

    Is that crazy product going to be the next big thing? Learn how to evaluate these companies here.
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    An asset that can be converted into cash quickly and with minimal impact to the price received. Liquid assets are generally ...
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  4. Drawdown

    The peak-to-trough decline during a specific record period of an investment, fund or commodity. A drawdown is usually quoted ...
  5. Inverse Transaction

    A transaction that can cancel out a forward contract that has the same value date.
  6. Redemption

    The return of an investor's principal in a fixed income security, such as a preferred stock or bond; or the sale of units ...
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