Technical Analysis Basic Education

An introduction to technical analysis, a method of tracking chart patterns to discern price and volume trends, evaluate investments and identify trading opportunities.

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New York Stock Exchange Announces Merger With Deutsche Borse
Notional Value vs. Market Value: What's the Difference?
Exponential Moving Average (EMAV)
How Is the Exponential Moving Average (EMA) Formula Calculated?
Arithmetic Mean: Definition, Limitations, and Alternatives
Average True Range
Average True Range (ATR) Formula, What It Means, and How to Use It
Bullish Engulfing Pattern
Bullish Engulfing Pattern: Definition, Example, and What It Means
Candlestick Chart Definition and Basics Explained
What is EMA? How to Use Exponential Moving Average With Formula
Fibonacci Retracement Levels
What Are Fibonacci Retracement Levels, and What Do They Tell You?
Head and Shoulders Pattern
What Is a Head and Shoulders Chart Pattern in Technical Analysis?
Ichimoku Cloud
What Is the Ichimoku Cloud Technical Analysis Indicator?
MACD Indicator Explained, with Formula, Examples, and Limitations
Moving Average
Moving Average (MA): Purpose, Uses, Formula, and Examples
On Balance Volume (OBV)
On-Balance Volume (OBV): Definition, Formula, and Uses as Indicator
Relative Strength Index (RSI)
Relative Strength Index (RSI) Indicator Explained With Formula
Simple Moving Average (SMA)
Simple Moving Average (SMA): What It Is and the Formula
Stochastic Oscillator: What It Is, How It Works, How To Calculate
Trendline: What It Is, How To Use It in Investing, With Examples
Analyst charts stock growth
Support and Resistance Basics
What Is the Arms Index (TRIN), and How Do You Calculate It?
What Is a Bear Trap?
Capitulation: What It Is in Finance and Investing, With Examples
A screenshot of
Dead Cat Bounce: What It Means in Investing, With Examples
What Is a Stock Exchange?
Death Cross Definition: How and When It Happens
Golden Cross Pattern Explained With Examples and Charts
Price targets are professionally calculated
Price Target: How to Understand and Calculate Plus Accuracy
An investor reviews calculations using laptop and calculator
How to Calculate the Beta of a Private Company
Financial graphs on computer screen
Bar Chart: Definition, How Analysts Use Them, and Example
RSI Indicator: Buy and Sell Signals
Midsection Businessmen Analyzing Charts on Laptop in Office
How to Draw Fibonacci Levels
Bid and ask chart on digital screen
How to Calculate the Bid-Ask Spread
Retracement vs. Reversal: What's the Difference?
Man Calculating Budget With Laptop and Calculator
Simple vs. Exponential Moving Averages: What's the Difference?
Bull and bear, by sculptor Reinhard Dachlauer, in front of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
Relative Strength Index vs. Stochastic Oscillator
Moving Average, Weighted Moving Average, and Exponential Moving Average
52-Week High/Low: Definition, Role in Trading, and Example
Accumulation / Distribution Indicator (A/D)
Accumulation/Distribution Indicator (A/D): What it Tells You
Aroon Indicator: Formula, Calculations, Interpretation, Limits
Backtesting: Definition, How It Works, and Downsides
Darvas Box Theory: Definition and Role of Nicolas Darvas
Descending Triangle: What It Is, What It Indicates, Examples
What Is Market Sentiment? Definition, Indicator Types, and Example
Money Flow Index
Money Flow Index - MFI Definition and Uses
Momentum Investing
What Oversold Means for Stocks, With Examples
Pivot Point: Definition, Formulas, and How to Calculate
Price Rate of Change (ROC) Indicator: Definition and Formula
What is Resistance?
Smart Beta: Explanation, Strategy and Examples
Stochastic RSI
Stochastic RSI -StochRSI Definition
What Is the Support Level of a Stock, and How Do You Trade It?
Jet black crow perches on wooden post and looks down toward ground
Three Black Crows Definition and How to Use the Pattern
What Is a Triple Bottom Chart in Technical Analysis?
Williams %R: Definition, Formula, Uses, and Limitations
Introduction to the Parabolic SAR
Time Value of Money: Determining Your Future Worth
How to Profit From the Bollinger Squeeze
The Difference Between Fast and Slow Stochastics
Trading Divergence and Understanding Momentum
Peak-and-Trough Analysis
Logarithmic Price Scale vs. Linear Price Scale: What's the Difference?