DEFINITION of 'Accounting Hall Of Fame'

The Accounting Hall of Fame is a prominent award in the field of accounting. The Accounting Hall of Fame was started by Ohio State University in 1950. Awards are given out during most calendar years and may include one or a handful of recipients. The award is highly selective, and is given only to very prominent accountants who have made "lasting contributions to the field."

BREAKING DOWN 'Accounting Hall Of Fame'

Nominations for the Accounting Hall of Fame award are made by a member board of up to 50 members with expertise in a variety of different segments of accounting. Prior to 2017, the award winner was selected by the accounting faculty of Ohio State University. In 2017, the administration for and home of the Accounting Hall of Fame was moved to the American Accounting Association. Through 2017, the Accounting Hall of Fame was composed of just over 90 award recipients. Academics as well as practitioners are eligible for the award and have been award recipients.

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