Accredited Advisor In Insurance - AAI

What is 'Accredited Advisor In Insurance - AAI'

An Accredited Advisor in Insurance (AAI) is an advanced professional designation earned by insurance producers who complete a course of study and successfully take a series of three national examinations. AAI demonstrates a level of knowledge that is well above that of an insurance producer or agent and confers on the holder a level of expertise that is very useful when marketing to sophisticated clients.

BREAKING DOWN 'Accredited Advisor In Insurance - AAI'

Accredited Advisor in Insurance is like many advanced professional designations in that it demonstrates a level of commitment and knowledge that is helpful to insurance producers in acquiring clients. The examinations are designed to test multiline knowledge, ethics and technical aspects of insurance that are products of broad industry experience. One of the exams deals with insurance production, another deals with multiline insurance production, and the third deals with operations and sales management. The exams are preceded by a 13-week preparatory course. The AAI designation program is available as a self-study program via printed textbooks and course guides. AAI is also offered in a seminar format by certain state insurance associations. 

The designation is a joint effort of the Insurance Institute of America (IIA) and the Independent Insurance Agents  & Brokers of America (IIAA). The IIA is a group charged with creating programs and examinations in insurance-related subjects such as underwriting, adjusting, and risk management. The IIAA is a national alliance of more than a quarter of a million business owners and their employees who offer all types of insurance and financial services products.

The following courses are required to earn the Accredited Adviser in Insurance designation:

Foundations of insurance production; Multiple-lines insurance production: Commercial general liability insurance part I and part II; Commercial automobile insurance; Garage and motor carrier insurance; Commercial crime insurance; Business owners insurance; Other commercial coverages; Workers compensation and employers liability insurance; Specialty insurance; Commercial excess and umbrella liability insurance; Surety bonds; Agency operations and sales management.

Advantages of ‘Accredited Advisor in Insurance – AAI’

Many insurance professionals choose to pursue the status of Accredited Advisor in Insurance because it can increase earnings. In this way, this credential is similar to many other credentials in a wide variety of fields. Accredited Advisors in Insurance are considered to be significantly more knowledgeable about insurance topics than standard insurance agents or other equivalent insurance professionals. The services of AAI holders can be useful if an insurance company is dealing with a complicated client or complicated insurance scenario.