What is the Address Coding Guide - ACG

The address coding guide (ACG) is a directory of address ranges segmented by geographic units. The U.S. Census Bureau created it for data collection purposes. It was initially created by the U.S. Census Bureau to enable automated assignment of addresses on a mailing list. This mailing list is used to gather information on the demographics of the U.S. population. Certain entities such as cities and municipalities or large mailing firms may maintain their own address coding guides.

BREAKING DOWN Address Coding Guide - ACG

Data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau is analyzed by economists and policymakers. The address coding guide enables them to break down their analyses by geographic units, such as block groups, zip codes and census tracts. Firms that maintain their own address coding guides do so for more efficient sorting and management of mailing lists. Cities and municipalities maintain address coding guides primarily to match external information sources with their internal revenue files to enable automated revenue verification.