What Is the Advertising Checking Bureau? (ACB)

The Advertising Checking Bureau (ACB) is an organization that serves manufacturers and their retailers by providing a variety of advertising related services. The Advertising Checking Bureau offers services such as advertising tracking, brand building, development and management of incentive programs, and search engine marketing.

Understanding the Advertising Checking Bureau (ACB)

The Advertising Checking Bureau is the primary authority on co-op and promotional allowance program management in the United States. It has specific expertise in trade promotion programs, best practices, and policies in all sectors. The Advertising Checking Bureau processes a high volume of claim and incentive transactions through its systems, which enables it to keep abreast of trade marketing industry trends. The Advertising Checking Bureau's other services such as advertising tracking enable companies to monitor and analyze competitive advertising share and advertising effectiveness in all major media. When necessary, the Advertising Checking Bureau has been called upon to audit advertising claims made by companies.