What is The Advertising Club of New York

The Advertising Club of New York is an organization that focuses on advertising industry autonomy, training, networking and professional collaboration. Also known as "The AD Club," the Advertising Club of New York was founded in 1896 and is the main organization for communications professionals in New York. A nonprofit organization for corporations and individuals in the advertising, media, marketing and ad-tech industries, it offers members a forum for career development, networking, exchanging of ideas and the recognition of excellence. 

BREAKING DOWN The Advertising Club of New York

The Advertising Club of New York traces its origins back to 1896, when a group of eight ad executives who called themselves the Sphinx Club met regularly over lunch to discuss business and their profession. The group became the Advertising Men's League in 1906 and, subsequently, the Advertising Club of New York in 1915.

The Ad Club has over 4,500 members that it helps to become more active in the advertising industry with the goal of career development and networking. If offers programing, events, career advancement courses, mentoring and volunteer opportunities. The club has a variety of membership options for both individuals and corporations. One of its member benefits is its own social network, Social Link. For more, visit the Ad Club's website.

Advertising Club of New York Programs

The Advertising Club of New York developed the first formal educational program about advertising in 1906, when it launched a series of talks at New York University. Another first to its credit is the "truth in advertising" practice, through the formation of the Advertising Vigilance Committee in 1911, which later became the Better Business Bureau. In 1964, it launched the International ANDY Awards, which celebrate the best creative ideas and craft of the year and the people behind them.

Advertising Club of New York: Recent Initiatives

One of the Advertising Club's more recent initiatives, launched in 2012, is i’mPART; dedicated to diversity within the advertising field, it encourages recruitment and retention of minorities through scholarships, training programs and social events.

In 2017, after 121 years, the organization unveiled a new brand identity, logo and website. The fresh logo was designed by B2B agency gyro:New York and utilizes a plus sign to symbolize its expanded membership base, which now includes ad tech, social platforms and media startups as well as agencies and clients. Three distinct colors are used to identify the Ad Club’s pillars: Educate (purple), Empower (orange) and Celebrate (pink).

Advertising Club of New York: Famous Members

Famous members of the club include Gallup Organization founder George Gallup, photographer Annie Leibowitz, Condé Nast, TV anchor Lowell Thomas, CBS CEO Bill Paley, J.C. Penney, and Tom Watson of IBM.