American Institute of Banking (AIB)

What Is the American Institute of Banking (AIB)?

The American Institute of Banking was formerly an organization founded and overseen by the American Bankers Association (ABA). The AIB’s primary purpose was providing specialized training courses and certifications for the banking industry. It worked alongside the Institute of Certified Bankers (ICB) which was also an ABA supported group. Both the training and certifications of the AIB and ICB have now been rolled up under the ABA brand. Most all ABA trainings and certifications are offered to both members and non-members.

Key Takeaways

  • The American Institute of Banking was founded by the American Bankers Association to provide specialized education and training for the banking industry.
  • American Institute of Banking trainings and certifications were developed to focus on specialized skills and areas of expertise in the banking industry.
  • The American Institute of Banking and Institute of Certified Bankers were merged under the ABA brand which now solely offers all trainings and certifications autonomously.

Understanding the American Institute of Banking

The AIB was formerly known as somewhat of a watchdog over the banking industry, working in conjunction with the ABA to provide up-to-date information on government policies along with key training and certifications that provided specialized support for banking industry workers. The ABA founded the AIB in 1903.

Both the AIB and ICB served as important subsidiaries under the ABA brand. The AIB provided specialized training. The ICB offered more complex and comprehensive certifications targeting professionals in areas such as wealth management and estate planning. The ABA combined the efforts of the AIB and the ICB under its ABA brand umbrella, now offering AIB and ICB trainings autonomously under the ABA brand name.

The ABA is the largest banking trade association in the United States. Combined efforts from the AIB, ICB, and other proprietary trainings make the ABA the top leader for banking industry training and certification programs in the United States.

The ABA was established in 1875. Its banking members and representation cover the entire banking sector, including banks of all sizes. Through the combined efforts of the AIB and ICB, the ABA can offer a full gamut of trainings, covering everything in banking from bank operations to capital planning and risk management. The ABA is also a provider of banking industry publications and research. Additionally, the ABA is known for its lobbying activities.

AIB Trainings and Certifications

Before its merger with the ABA, the AIB focused on trainings and certifications that provided specialized help in key operational banking areas. The trainings and certifications of the AIB can still be found through the ABA and may be informally referred to as AIB training. AIB trainings include the following:

Business Banking and Commercial Lending

  • Certificate in Business and Commercial Lending
  • Small Business Banker Certificate

Mortgage Lending

  • Residential Mortgage Lender Certificate

CEO and Bank Leadership

  • ABA-Wharton Emerging Leaders Certificates
  • Certificate in Bank Financial Management


  • Certificate in BSA and AML Compliance
  • Certificate in Deposit Compliance
  • Certificate in Fraud Prevention
  • Certificate in Lending Compliance

Retail Banking

  • Bank Solutions Provider Certificate
  • Bank Teller Certificate
  • Branch Manager Certificate
  • Certificate in Bank Financial Management
  • Certificate in General Banking
  • Customer Service Representative Certificate
  • Personal Banker Certificate
  • Supervisor/Team Leader Certificate
  • Universal Banker Certificate

Risk Management

  • AML and Fraud Professionals Certificates
  • Bank Risk Professionals Certificates


  • Foundational Certificate in Bank Marketing
  • Advanced Certificate in Bank Marketing (Bank Marketing School)

Wealth Management and Trust

  • Certificate in Trust: Foundational
  • Certificate in Trust: Intermediate
  • Certificate in Trust: Advanced
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) Expert Certificate

Institute of Certified Bankers

The ICB was also formerly a separate organization operating under the ABA umbrella. The ICB’s training and certifications were more complex and comprehensive. ICB trainings are now a part of the ABA and include the following: 

  • Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA)
  • Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM)
  • Certified AML and Fraud Professional (CAFP)
  • Certified Corporate Trust Specialist (CCTS)
  • Certified Securities Operations Professional (CSOP)
  • Certified Financial Marketing Professional (CFMP)
  • Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP)
  • Certified Retirement Services Professional (CRSP)

Both AIB and ICB worked under the auspices of the American Bankers Association before they were fully merged into one brand name. AIB and ICB programs were known to be offered through local ABA providers.

Educational Banking Industry Institutes

The financial services industry and banking in particular offers a wide variety of opportunities for educational training and professional advancement. The ABA is the largest trade association in the U.S. but many other educational institutions also exist for training, including the following: