Associate In Claims (AIC)

What Is an Associate In Claims (AIC)?

In the insurance industry, an associate in claims (AIC) designation signifies specialized training and skills in the handling of various types of insurance claims. It is often pursued by those working in the insurance industry as claims adjusters, and it can be a valuable asset for those pursuing career advancement in the field.

Key Takeaways

  • An associate in claims (AIC) is a professional certification for insurance claims adjusters conferred by the Insurance Institute of America.
  • A claims adjuster investigates insurance claims to determine the extent of the insuring company's liability.
  • Claims adjusters may also handle property claims involving damage to structures, and/or liability claims involving personal injuries or third-person property damage.

Understanding Associate In Claims (AIC)

The AIC designation was developed in part by the National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters (NAIIA). To obtain the AIC, candidates must complete a rigorous examination administered by the Insurance Institute of America (IIA). The program itself consists of a series of 13-week courses with four national exams; it is commonly undertaken by experienced adjusters, claims supervisors, and examiners.

One of the benefits of the AIC program is that it provides insight into how the insurance claims industry operates as a whole. The AIC program operates from a perspective of a broad knowledge base, and the focus of the program goes beyond just how employers handle claims. The program provides insight and understanding into how the industry is organized and how claims operations interact with the insurance industry, the public, and the legal system

This combination of property and casualty claim education provides a solid base from which to form or enhance a career in claims. As a nationally recognized certification, holders of the AIC designation are well-positioned to secure positions in the field. If someone is already working in the insurance industry as an independent insurance adjuster, a staff claims representative, an examiner, a public adjuster, or anyone else looking to move up in the insurance industry, the AIC certification may also help.

Example of an Associate In Claims (AIC)

Michael is a recent university graduate who is considering a career in the insurance field. Although he has a strong background in mathematics and statistical methods, Michael also has a skillset well-suited to verbal communication and research activities. After studying the insurance industry, he decides that his interests and skillset would make him well suited for the role of insurance adjuster. To that end, he decides to pursue the AIC designation, which is a self-study program administered through recommended textbooks and online resources. Once he is ready, he then takes a two-hour exam in which he must answer 85 questions.

Through the AIC program, Michael becomes equipped not just with technical know-how relating to the claims assessment process, but also with a broad base of knowledge about how the different parts of the insurance industry fit together. After meeting the program’s rigorous requirements and passing its exam, he feels prepared to tackle the central responsibilities of the insurance adjuster role, such as assessing the likely probability and financial impact of potential losses, verifying the credibility of specific claims, and negotiating settlements with claimants.

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