WHAT IS 'Associate In Management (AIM)'

An Associate in Management (AIM) program is a professional designation program in the risk management and property-casualty insurance industry that provides current mid-level managers with further management education. The Associate in Management program's goal is to enhance the candidate’s decision-making and management abilities. Training is focused in areas of management principles and practices, human resources and current business issues analysis. AIM is an advanced-level professional designation only offered through an industry professional education organization, not a two-year Associates degree offered by a technical or vocational school or community college.

BREAKING DOWN 'Associate In Management (AIM)'

The Associate in Management (AIM) designation is offered as a training course and certification by The Institutes, the professional education organization for the risk management and property-casualty insurance industry. About the Associate in Management program, The Institutes says, "With a focus on providing you with the knowledge you need to effectively manage your team and strategically plan initiatives, AIM is the premier designation for all management professionals.” The designation is practical, with a specific set of tools and practices both taught and tested.

The Associate in Management designation is seen as a vehicle to greater job security and increased eligibility for promotion within the risk management and property-casualty industries.

Program Requirements

The Institutes offers the Associate in Management designation as a self-study course and estimates that the program can be completed in 9-15 months. Required courses include Management, Human Resources Management and Managing Business Organizations Today, along with two courses in Ethics, including Ethical Guidelines for Insurance Professionals and Ethics and the CPCU Code of Professional Conduct.

The courses are administered as self-study units delivered through The Institutes website, and each course is estimated to require four to eight weeks of study. At the completion of a self-study course, there is an exam, which is administered on The Institutes’ website. The exam for the recently-completed course must be passed before the next unit of study can be started by the student. The course of study may be started at any time, and course exams are scheduled when the student will have completed the self-study materials.

The cost for the study materials and the exams to be completed ranges from $1800-2500 to complete the AIM program, depending on testing options selected. All materials and exam registration can be purchased through The Institutes’ website, which also offers practice exams, customer support and peer support.

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