Associate In Management (AIM)

Associate In Management (AIM)

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What Is the Associate In Management (AIM) Designation?

The Associate In Management (AIM) Designation is a professional certification in the insurance industry. Its focus is on those professionals occupying a supervisory or managerial role, with the aim of enhancing their interpersonal and decision-making abilities.

Training in the AIM program is focused on subjects such as human resource management, new managerial technologies, and professional ethics. It is considered an advanced designation in the insurance sector and is overseen by The Institutes, the professional education organization of the property-casualty insurance industry.

Key Takeaways

  • The AIM is a professional designation oriented toward managers in the insurance industry.
  • It is administered by The Institutes, and typically takes between 9 and 15 months to complete.
  • The curriculum for the AIM is focused on general management principles, but candidates often pursue additional specializations in areas such as accounting or law to further advance their careers.

How the AIM Works

Obtaining the AIM designation can help open new career opportunities for professionals in the insurance sector. In particular, it can help enhance job prospects for those pursuing managerial and supervisory roles. To obtain the designation, candidates must complete four courses, typically requiring between 9 and 15 months to complete.

Required courses for the AIM include Management, Human Resources Management and Managing Business Organizations Today, along with two courses in Ethics, including Ethical Guidelines for Insurance Professionals and Ethics and the CPCU Code of Professional Conduct. After completing the courses, the candidate must also complete an exam, which can be written online through The Institutes’ website.

The cost for the study materials and the exams to be completed ranges from $1800-2500 to complete the AIM program, depending on testing options selected. All materials and exam registration can be purchased through The Institutes’ website, which also offers practice exams, customer support and peer support resources.

Real World Example of the AIM

There are many ways in which holders of the AIM designation might leverage that credential to further their careers. As in other industries, management roles in the insurance industry can be quite diverse, with responsibilities ranging from managing sales teams to overseeing the arbitration of insurance claims.

In some cases, insurance managers will help assist in the planning of high-level strategies such as whether to insure new types of risks, and what level of insurance premiums to charge. Although the AIM curriculum focuses primarily on general managerial principles and techniques, individual candidates can further bolster their marketability by pursuing additional education and experience in areas such as law, accounting, and financial analysis.

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