What Is the American Academy Of Financial Management (AAFM)?

The American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM) is an organization with members spanning more than 151 countries across the globe that offers exclusive designations for financial professionals. Those who earn certifications and/or charters from the AAFM are recognized as meeting some of the highest standards in the industry from the International Board of Standards (IBS).

Understanding American Academy Of Financial Management (AAFM)

The American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM) offers certifications and charters for those in industry roles such as financial professional, wealth manager, market analyst, financial and investment planner, asset manager, trust and estate planning analyst or an economist. AAFM offers several industries recognized graduate designations to qualified professionals. The organization also fills a void for some 120,000 financial professionals working as MBAs, CPAs, lawyers, and PhDs.

Founded in 1996, it was first established as a professional organization for investment managers, lawyers and analysts, when the American Academy of Financial Management and Analysts merged with the Founders Advisory Committee of the Original Tax and Estate Planning Law Review.

Who the AAFM Serves

AAFM serves professionals in the United States as well as Hong Kong, Beijing, India, Dubai, Kuwait, Latin America and South America, Singapore, The Caribbean, Europe and more. Training partners include Deutsche Bank, Citibank, Xerox, NASA, HSBC Bank, China Construction Bank, National Bank of Kuwait, The Government of Dubai, BAE Systems, United States Securities and Exchange Commission, The U.S. Navy, Department of Energy, The Department of Interior, 3M Asia Pacific, Dow Chemical, Hewlett Packard Singapore, Indian Overseas Bank, Shangri La Hotels and literally hundreds more.

Although the Academy maintains strict academic and experiential standards for its students, its certifications require less rigorous study and are less widely accepted/respected than the CFA or CFP.