DEFINITION of 'Analyst Meeting'

An analyst meeting is an annual gathering held by publicly traded corporations where the company executives provide information about how the company is performing and its future prospects. They may also choose to answer questions from analysts and investors. Some companies make their meetings widely available via webcast and/or podcast.

BREAKING DOWN 'Analyst Meeting'

Analyst meetings are just one of many ways corporations provide transparency for their performance figures. Publicly available Securities and Exchange Commission filings required by the federal government, such as the 10-K and 10-Q reports, provide information about a company's major developments, competition, legal proceedings, management, research and development, business segments and financials. Annual reports are another way public companies communicate with shareholders about the company's operations and financial strength.

Topics Discussed at an Analyst Meeting

Topics discussed at analyst meetings range from merger and acquisition activity, divestitures, exciting new products, services, or alliances, and general accounting and financial management issues. The general theme of a meeting takes on the topics and issues most relevant to analysts and strategists in any given year to the next.

There's no formal template; some meetings are rather sparse, with little in the way of traditional conference fixings, while at other times, companies may roll out the red carpet to introduce a blockbuster opportunity. In one form or another, all meetings are an extension of the corporate relations function. Thus, some companies treat this as an essential element of their corporate communications, including the budget to host high production value events.

At times, analyst meetings have come under fire because it's thought it disproportionally favors securities insiders. Companies hosting analyst meetings go to great lengths not to give the impression they're allowing preferential access to insiders or strategic relationships. Public relations, investor relations and corporate communications all play an essential role in creating and delivering careful messaging for analysts and various stakeholders.

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