DEFINITION of 'Certified Valuation Analyst - CVA'

Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) is a professional designation awarded by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) to business valuation professionals who hold a business degree, have sufficient work experience in business valuation, submit business and personal references and recommendations, are members in good standing of NACVA and pass the CVA exam. Successful applicants earn the right to use the CVA designation with their names, which can improve job opportunities, professional reputation and pay. Every three years, CVA professionals must complete 36 hours of continuing professional education.

BREAKING DOWN 'Certified Valuation Analyst - CVA'

A list of qualifications and the required steps to earn the CVA designation are described on the NACVA website. The study program to become an CVA covers business valuation fundamentals, technique and theory; the income and asset approaches to business valuation; case analysis; and special purpose valuation. Individuals with the CVA designation may work as merger and acquisition consultants, investment and financial analysts, financial officers and more.

Is Getting a CVA Next to Your Name Worth It?

Naturally, this is a matter of opinion, but consider: 90-95% of candidates who sit for the five-hour multiple choice/true-false CVA exam pass. If membership into this club is so easy, is it viewed as an exclusive club among employers? Would it be better to pursue a CFA or CPA certification?However, studying for the exam demonstrates a level of serious that may be absent in the average business valuation practitioner. At the very least, learning new skills or lubricating rusty joints is always a good use of time. The time and money spent on earning the CVA mark, though, must be weighed against the benefits. Someone thinking about getting the designation may want to first survey the real working world about its value before committing to the program.

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