DEFINITION of The Accounting Review

The Accounting Review is a peer-reviewed academic journal published by the American Accounting Association (AAA). First published in 1926, it is one of the oldest accounting journals, and includes abstracts, articles and book reviews that promote accounting education, research and practice.

BREAKING DOWN The Accounting Review

The Accounting Review has become known for its quantitative articles, and rigorous mathematical models, covering subjects like accounting information systems, auditing and assurance services, financial accounting, management accounting and taxation.

The American Accounting Association is a voluntary organization comprised of individuals interested in accounting education and research. The overarching goal of The Accounting Review is to attract and publish the highest quality accounting research, aimed at an audience of academicians and graduate students. Its team of academic editors, who are experts in the field, select high-quality articles that report the results of accounting research and explain and illustrate the research methodology.

The AAA publishes two other journals, Issues in Accounting Education and Accounting Horizons, that are more relevant to accounting educators and accounting practitioners. Issues in Accounting Education is a publication of research, commentaries, instructional resources and book reviews to assist accounting faculty, and Accounting Horizons — which includes papers focusing on the study of integration and application. Members of the American Accounting Association have access to these publications and additional newsletters and opportunities to participate in regional and special interest groups.