What is 'Baidu'?

Baidu is the dominant Chinese internet search engine company, and it is the equivalent to Google in the United States. Baidu is similar to Google and offers similar products and services, but the focus is China where it controls most of the search market. Baidu censors search results and other content in accordance with Chinese regulations. Baidu is registered in the Cayman Islands and is listed on the Nasdaq under ticker symbol BIDU.


Baidu offers a range of products including maps, news, video, encyclopedia, anti-virus, and internet TV. Baidu has the 2nd largest search engine in the world and owns over 75% of the market share in China's search engine market. In December 2007, Baidu became the first Chinese company to be included in the NASDAQ-100 index. According to YCharts, the company had a market cap of close to U.S.$90 billion in June 2018.

Baidu generates revenue from advertising with a system that is similar to Google's. Advertisers bid on keywords that will trigger the display of their ads. Advertisers can also pay for priority placement in search results. Baidu's competitors are Google Hong Kong, Yahoo! China, Microsoft Bing and other regional players.

History of Baidu, Inc.

Baidu, Inc. was incorporated on 18 January, 2000 and was created by Robin Li and Eric Xu. It is a Chinese multinational technology company, which provides internet-related services, products and artificial intelligence (AI). The company is based in Beijing's Haidian District. It is one of the largest AI and internet companies in the world. 

China's search engine market is the second largest in the world after the US with a market size of U.S.$14.9 billion. According to China Whisper, that market is expected to grow at a rate of over 32%, twice the average global growth rate by 2015. 

Baidu's App Business

Baidu also has a Global Business Unit, called DU Group or DU Apps Studio that provides apps and services to over 2 billion active users worldwide. The Baidu App Store and Shouji Baidu host downloadable content and applications, and the company's advertising platform is called DU Ad Platform.

Baidu and AI

Apollo Project is the world's leading autonomous driving and AI program that Baidu operates with global partners. Together the project represents one of the largest partner groups with over 100 global partners as of 2018. Participants include big names such as Microsoft, Intel, Nvidia, Daimler AG, ZTE, Grab, Ford, Hyundai and Honda.

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