WHAT IS Baltic Exchange

The Baltic Exchange is the only exchange in the world providing real-time maritime shipping information for traders to trade and settle shipping contracts and derivative shipping contracts.

BREAKING DOWN Baltic Exchange

  • "Independent, high quality dry, wet and gas freight market information
  • Self-regulated chartering, sale and purchase and freight derivatives markets
  • Central forum for competing freight market interests
  • Framework ensuring high standards of business practice and co-operation 
  • London-based business facilities for members "

Using the Baltic Exchange

Members of the Baltic Exchange pay an annual membership fee. These fees are tiered and include anything from simple access to the Baltic Exchange website and index information to full use of the Baltic Exchange dispute resolution services, events and settling of FFAs.   Access to the website gives members access to over 20 different indexes of shipping costs, information on fixtures, or finished agreements for shipping contracts, training programs and the Baltic Briefing, a regular industry newsletter. Full membership also allows them to use the Baltic Exchange services to find shipping partners and to negotiate disputes. The Baltic Exchange also hosts social membership events.