DEFINITION of 'Bank Marketing Association - BMA'

Bank Marketing Association (BMA) is the promotional services arm of the American Bankers Association, a trade association and lobbying group representing the U.S. banking industry. The BMA publishes periodic print and digital newsletters on the subject of marketing financial services, as well as white papers and digital blogs. Also known as the ABA Marketing Network, the organization runs online training seminars and hosts educational events and conferences.

BREAKING DOWN 'Bank Marketing Association - BMA'

The BMA produces a plethora of digital and print material to introduce and disseminate new marketing ideas for bank managers who wish to increase business and rebuild public trust that has been damaged - and in some cases, shattered - in recent years. New cases of malfeasance or fraud by certain banks do not help the cause of the banks, which have to work extra hard to regain the good graces of their customers. Obviously, the executives at the top of banks guilty of foul play are to be held responsible and therefore, if they are allowed to continue in their roles, must take the actions necessary to remediate. A forgiving public may know that a few bad apples do not spoil the barrel, but the BMA does what it can help restore the overall image of a bank as reliable, useful and ethical. 

BMA Content Categories

Among the topics that the BMA covers are advertising and design, branding, communications, compliance, digital [marketing], mobile [marketing], sales, retail banking, social media, and strategy and planning. Each category contains industry intelligence as well as pieces to educate marketing managers at banks on how to reach their audiences and effectively communicate constructive and positive messages to them. Some recent posts include: "Bridging the Customer Satisfaction Gap," "How Often and When to Post Social," and "Creating the Content People Want."

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