What is the 'Barcelona Stock Exchange '

The Barcelona Stock Exchange is one of Spain's four major securities  exchanges.

BREAKING DOWN 'Barcelona Stock Exchange '

The Barcelona Stock Exchange, in Spanish, the Bolsa de Barcelona, trades warrants, exchange traded funds (ETFs), public debt, Latin American stocks and more, using computer-assisted trading and open-outcry floor trading. The Barcelona Stock Exchange has an integral communications network that allows an optimum access to the following markets: Interconnected Stock-Market System, floor trading, MAB and Latibex, warrants and ETFs, Fxed Income and Public Debt Trading System, Catalonian Public Debt Market as well as options and futures markets. It provides back offce services in the following areas: Post Trading Management System (SGP in Spanish), Clearing Management System (SGC in Spanish), Deposit Management System (SGD in Spanish). It also offers issuer financial operations monitoring, shareholder registration and accounting registration of non-listed shares. The Barcelona Stock Exchange official index is the BCN-100 Index, a trade-weighted index consisting of the exchange's 100 most-traded companies. It also has several other indexes, including the BCN PER-30, BCN ROE-30, BCN MID-50 and BCN INDEXCAT.

Exchanges in Spain

The roots of the Barcelona Stock Exchange go back to the middle ages with the emergence of commodity exchanges at the time of the commercial revolution in Catalonia. Toward the middle of the nineteenth century, with the industrial boom and the birth of the first Catalan corporations, the trading of securities began, with an active market in Barcelona. The official stock exchange was created in 1915, its governance and administration was under the Colegio de Agentes de Cambio y Bolsa stockbrokers association until 1989. The Stock Market Act of 1989 became part of the Sociedad Rectora de la Bolsa de Valores de Barcelona (SAU). In 2002, the Barcelona Stock Exchange joined the Bolsas y Mercados Españoles Group (BME).

The BME was designed to streamline Spain's four major securities exchanges and is headquartered in Madrid. Companies listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange are primarily Spain-based companies. The BME trades shares in euro, and the ISO 4217 currency code for euro is EUR with the symbol €.  The BME collaboration oversees the systems and securities traded within Spain. It governs regulation and trading of market derivatives, settlement systems, fixed-income markets, equities and clearing systems. The following exchanges in the BME Group: Iberclear Stock Exchange, Valencia Stock Exchange, BME Consulting, Barcelona Stock exchange, Madrid Stock Exchange and the Bilbao Stock Exchange. BME enables firms, investors and intermediaries to trade in a safe and liquid environment. The BME also ensures competitive and world-class markets. The unified stock exchanges trade a large variety of products and securities and make trading them more cost effective.

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