Questrom School of Business

Questrom School of Business

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What Is the Questrom School of Business?

The Questrom School of Business is a business school located at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1913, the school was previously known as the Boston University School of Management. In March 2015, the school changed its name following a $50 million donation by a prominent businessman and alumnus, Allen Questrom.

Key Takeaways

  • The Questrom School of Business is the business school of Boston University.
  • Questrom School of Business is highly rated for both its undergraduate and graduate programs, often placing in the top 50 schools worldwide.
  • The school offers a range of Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs tailored to provide specific skills. These include dual-degree programs that incorporate fields such as law, medicine, and public policy.

Questrom School of Business Overview

The Questrom School of Business offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in business-related subjects, as well as Master’s degrees in a wide variety of fields including healthcare, the natural sciences, manufacturing, and economics. Various dual-degree programs are also offered.

Today, both its undergraduate and graduate programs are highly rated in publications of international school rankings—often listed as among the top 50 schools in the world. The school is particularly well-known for hosting the Tech Strategy Business Case Competition once per year during the Spring semester. At this event, students are provided a platform to apply their academic knowledge in a range of real-world business contexts.

For students wishing to combine various disciplines together, the Questrom School of Business offers several highly specialized programs. These include various programs combining their MBA degree with the Juris Doctor (JD) program, the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program, and the Master's of Public Health (MPH) program, among others. Online and Executive MBA programs are also available, for students wishing to maintain a more flexible school schedule or study while living abroad.

Legacy of the Questrom School of Business

The Questrom School of Business is home to roughly 250 full-time faculty members and approximately 3,500 students, with an alumni network of roughly 50,000 members. Their alumni have developed careers in a wide variety of areas, including government, technology, and finance, among others.

The school also offers a specific MBA program focused on social entrepreneurship, geared toward students who aspire to work for non-profits, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and other such philanthropic organizations. This program incorporates key subject areas such as leadership development, organizational strategy, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and public policy.

Examples of notable Questrom School of Business include Keith Alexander, Director of the National Security Agency (NSA); Dirk Meyer, CEO of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD); and Alfred Sant, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Malta.

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