DEFINITION of 'Buzzword Bingo'

A form of bingo played by audiences where the bingo card is made up of business buzzwords instead of numbers. The players check off the buzzwords uttered by the speaker and quietly say "Bingo!" when a full line of buzzwords is filled in on their card.

BREAKING DOWN 'Buzzword Bingo'

Buzzword bingo is typically played among audience members who are convinced that the speaker has little or no knowledge of the subject that he or she is speaking about. The speaker therefore employs reams of buzzwords in his or her dialog in an attempt to mask this deficiency. The concept was conceived in the early 1990s and popularized in the "Dilbert" comic strip.

  1. Corporate Kleptocracy

    Buzzword that describes the greed of corporate executives who ...
  2. Gambling Income

    Any income that is the result of games of chance or wagers on ...
  3. New Economy

    New economy is a buzzword describing new, high-growth industries ...
  4. TARP Bonuses

    A buzzword coined by the financial media during the financial ...
  5. Obamanomics

    A buzzword used to describe the economic philosophies of United ...
  6. Credit Card

    A card issued by a financial company giving the holder an option ...
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