What is 'Capital IQ'

Capital IQ is the research division of Standard and Poor’s. It provides detailed research and analysis of the stock market to a variety of investing stakeholders.


Capital IQ’s web portal offers various software and data feeds to advisory firms, banks, corporations, investment managers, private equity funds, universities and more, providing overall market awareness and investment analysis audiences can use to inform their investment strategies.

Every year, Capital IQ collects and analyzes more than 135 billion data points in order to serve as the leading provider of financial services research.  The data Capital IQ collects and reports to its users includes company profiles, executive summaries, financial information and independent analyst reports.

Capital IQ investigates financial news, market insights, company performance data and sector-specific data. The firm provides subscribers with historical and current information on more than 60,000 public companies and two million private firms as well as stock reports on more than 4,000 leading public equities.

Additionally, Capital IQ researches and analyzes more complex investment structures, including mutual funds and hedge funds, providing investors with up-to-date performance comparisons, insights and fund strategies.

Capital IQ's widespread approach to market analysis provides information that can be valuable to investors of all types, ranging from large institutional traders to smaller, individual investors and financial hobbyists.

Standard & Poor’s was established in 1941 and has grown to become the world’s leading index provider and independent credit rating source. Since Capital IQ was acquired by Standard & Poor’s in 2004, the company has grown into a global profile, with operations in more than 20 countries overseen from its headquarters in New York City.

Capital IQ Products and Services

The web portal for Capital IQ’s products offers many powerful tools for institutional and individual investors alike. These tools give users the ability to gain broad market understanding through the use of its various features, including market snapshots, industry and subindustry reviews, surveys and general economic insights.

Major products of the Capital IQ platform include Compustat, Xpressfeed and Money Market Directories (MMD). Together, this suite of tools provides users access to desktop research, screening, real-time market data, backtesting, portfolio management, financial modeling and quantitative analysis through web-based and Excel-based applications.

Compustat, one of Standard and Poor's flagship services, has provided financial and statistical market data since 1962, and the Xpressfeed service is a formatting and delivery method of the Compustat database that permits users the ability to access and interpret real-time market data using their own tools. Money Market Directories are a powerful prospecting tool, offering comprehensive, global insights into foundations, endowments and similar funding sources.

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