DEFINITION of Carroll School of Management

The Carroll School of Management is the school of business at Boston College. Its enrollment in 2009 was approximately 2,000 undergraduate and 900 graduate-level students. The Carroll School of Management offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in a variety of business disciplines, including accounting, business law, finance, information sciences, marketing, operations and organizational studies. Its full name is the Wallace E. Carroll School of Management, and it is sometimes known as the School of Management or CSOM.

BREAKING DOWN Carroll School of Management

Located in Chestnut Hill, Mass., the Carroll School of Management was established in 1938 as the College of Business Administration. The school was renamed the Carroll School of Management in 1989, following a $10 million donation from alumnus Wallace E. Carroll.

Carroll School of Management Mission

According to its website, the Carroll School of Management’s mission is: “The Carroll School of Management educates undergraduates preparing for careers in management, graduate students aspiring to greater responsibilities in a complex global economy, and practitioners and executives seeking renewed vision and new skills for that economy. Vigorous teaching and learning, and research that advances business theory and enhances management practice are crucial means to these ends. Our current efforts are a partnership of students, faculty, staff, the business community, and the broader academic community. We seek and value the support and counsel of our alumni and the wider business community. We aspire to be an effective and caring organization for our immediate community, and we strive to direct all our efforts for the service of the many communities—local, national, and global—which sustain us.”

Carroll School of Management Programs

The Carroll School of Management has about 2,200 undergraduate students. It offers undergraduate degrees in 15 concentrations: accounting, accounting and information systems, business analytics, corporate reporting and analysis, computer science, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, general management, information systems, management and leadership, managing for social impact and public good, marketing, and operations management.

The graduate school has about 900 students enrolled and offers a full-time master of business administration (MBA) and a part-time MBA. It offers master of science programs in finance and accounting, as well as doctoral programs.

Carroll School of Management Rankings

The Carroll School of Management has been ranked the number three undergraduate business school by Bloomberg Businessweek. The graduate school has been ranked number 13 for faculty research quality and productivity, worldwide, by the Financial Times. U.S. News & World Report ranked the MBA program number 48 in 2018 and the part-time MBA program number 25.