Chartered Trust And Estate Planner

What is a Chartered Trust And Estate Planner

Chartered Trust and Estate Planner is a professional accreditation offered by the Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM).

BREAKING DOWN Chartered Trust And Estate Planner

Chartered Trust and Estate Planner is an accreditation granted by the GAFM, formerly the American Academy of Financial Management. This credential signifies successful completion of a curriculum and testing program or demonstration of an equivalent level of professional knowledge.

The curriculum and testing process offered by GAFM evaluates the person’s competency via a course that provides an overview of the various types of trusts available and their appropriate use. It also covers the phases and parties involved in the estate planning process. This certification has a strong focus on professionals who serve clients with a high net worth. The course also emphasizes the interpersonal and communication skills necessary to interact productively with wealthy families and individuals. In addition, the course also covers the particular needs and issues involved with serving international clients.

Legal and financial topics covered in this course and certification evaluation also include tax planning, anti-avoidance rules, controlled foreign corporations, and U.S. tax treaties.

Chartered Trust and Estate Planner Requirements

The Chartered Trust and Estate Planner certification is a good fit for a wide range of financial professionals serving upper-income clients, including wealth managers, trust officers, hedge fund managers, brokerage and market analysts, and stock market professionals.

The GAFM has established detailed criteria dictating who is eligible to earn this accreditation. The organization strictly enforces these requirements in order to preserve the distinction and respectability of this title. Those who have achieved the level of professional expertise needed to earn this credential are seen as among the most knowledgeable professionals specializing in this area of expertise.

Individuals who want to earn this credential must have at least three years of experience working with trusts and estates. They must also have a degree in finance, tax, accounting or a related field earned from an accredited program that has been approved by the GAFM.

If the educational prerequisites are not met, candidates must complete a certain number of GAFM courses and successfully pass a comprehensive exam. Also, candidates choosing this method must also complete 15 hours of continued educational annually. A minimum amount of continued education credit is also typically required for those who want to maintain or renew their certification, or who want to obtain advanced, additional professional certifications.

Candidates who want to apply for this designation must also complete an approved online executive certification training program.

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