What Is Coinigy?

Coinigy is a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading and portfolio tool that was founded in 2014 by current CEO Robert Borden and President William Kehl. Coinigy is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Coinigy is intended to make it easier to track and trade a wide selection of cryptocurrency coins that are found across multiple exchanges. The platform is ideal for both newer and more experienced active cryptocurrency traders.

Key Takeaways

  • Coinigy is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to manage accounts from more than 20 exchanges through a single interface.
  • The advantage of an all-in-one trading platform, like Coinigy, is that investors can place trades directly through Coinigy once their individual, separate accounts are linked to the platform.
  • Coinigy also operates ArbMatrix, an application that shows trading pairs across various exchanges so that investors can quickly spot arbitrage opportunities.

Understanding Coinigy

Coinigy is intended to eliminate the complexity of managing cryptocurrency portfolios. As an all-in-one trading platform, Coinigy allows investors to trade on 20 different exchanges (and with data connectivity across 40 exchanges) in a single location. The platform provides access to many different popular exchanges, including Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Huobi Pro, Kucoin, Kraken, and Poloniex. In fact, users can trade directly from the charts. (Coinigy incorporates charts by TradingView.)

The platform also provides a consolidated view of pricing data across these exchanges, which investors can use to spot exchange rate differences and take advantage of arbitrage opportunities.

Investors can place trades directly through Coinigy once their accounts are linked to it. This saves them time because they don't have to log-in to each individual account. Exchange accounts are linked to the platform via an application programming interface (API). This API allows account holders to access their accounts, check market data and account balances, place or cancel orders, and monitor cryptocurrencies placed on a watch list. All trades are placed with the investor’s exchange accounts (rather than from funds stored in the trading platform) because Coinigy does not manage deposits.

The Coinigy platform interface provides over 70 different technical indicators, in addition to price updates, live exchange rates, data visualization, and direct blockchain analysis.

Customized indicators can be saved and accessed in future trading sessions, and account holders can set up SMS, email, and in-browser price alerts when using the platform. The platform offers a 24/7 exchange and wallet portfolio monitoring tool for users as well. Coinigy can be accessed from computers, as well as from mobile devices through Coinigy's iOS and Android mobile apps.

Additional Coinigy Features

Beyond the standard tools offered by the trading platform, Coinigy also operates ArbMatrix. This is a native application that shows trading pairs from across various exchanges in a grid format, allowing investors to quickly see arbitrage opportunities. This feature allows users to track over 4,000 different trading pairs and coins.

Coinigy is a cloud-based platform and the company claims that it offers a superior 99.9% uptime from their Google datacenters. In addition, all user data is encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption and every request on Coinigy goes through a verified and secure (ORG) SSL.

Coinigy Subscription Plans

Accounts are initially offered on a free trial basis for 30 days, and provide access to the account portfolio, charts, and technical indicators. After the free trial has ended, retaining access requires the selection of a subscription plan and a support plan (and the payment of a fee). The professional version does not restrict session lengths. The fee for the professional version of the platform is charged each month, but the amount depends on how long the account holder commits to using the service. Pricing for a one-year agreement is less expensive than month-to-month pricing; subscriptions range from $18.66 to $99.99 a month.

Coinigy users have lots of options for obtaining customer support if necessary. Users can engage in a live chat from within their accounts. Users can also contact the team by submitting a request in the Support Section of Coinigy's website. The Coinigy team also maintains an active Twitter account and a Facebook page. Finally, there is an extensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the company's website in addition to video resources via Coinigy's YouTube channel.

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