DEFINITION of 'Coinigy'

Coinigy is a cryptocurrency trading platform that is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was founded in 2014 by Robert Borden and William Kehl.


The success of a cryptocurrency depends not only on its use-case, security, and underlying technology, but how widely it is traded. The greater the number of currency exchanges a cryptocurrency can be found on, the more likely it is to garner interest. And the greater the interest it attracts, the more likely it is that the cryptocurrency will be considered liquid, stable, and viable.

Cryptocurrency investors often have accounts spread across several exchanges. Having accounts across several exchanges is fairly typical, as individual cryptocurrencies may not be traded on every exchange. In some cases, a coin may only be traded on a single exchange, necessitating a new account.

Having multiple accounts also allows investors to take advantage of pricing differences, which often arise when the impact of supply and demand varies from exchange to exchange. Managing several accounts can be cumbersome, however, and investors turn to trading platforms as a way to simplify things.

As a trading platform, Coinigy allows investors to manage accounts from across more than 45 exchanges in a single location. It also provides a consolidated view of pricing data across these exchanges, which investors can use to spot exchange rate differences and take advantage of arbitrage. Investors can place trades directly through Coinigy once accounts are linked to it, rather than having to log into each account. These trades are placed with the investor’s exchange accounts rather than from funds stored in the trading platform, as Coinigy does not manage deposits.

While Coinigy is used for trading cryptocurrencies, its functionality and layout should be familiar to investors who have used securities trading platforms in the past. The platform interface provides a variety of technical indicators, charts, and price updates, with data trended over custom time periods. Customized indicators can be saved and accessed in future trading sessions, and account holders can set up price alerts. It can be accessed from computers as well as from mobile devices.

Beyond the standard tools offered by the trading platform, Coinigy also operates ArbMatrix. This is a native application which shows trading pairs from across various exchanges in a grid format, allowing investors to quickly see arbitrage opportunities. It also operates Newswire, a newsfeed which displays updates about cryptocurrencies.

Accounts are initially offered on a free trial basis for 30 days, and provide access to the account portfolio, charts, and technical indicators. After the free trial has ended, retaining access requires the payment of a fee. The pro version does not restrict session lengths. The fee for the pro version of the platform is charged each month, but the amount depends on how long the account holder commits to using the service. Pricing for a one-year agreement is less expensive than month-to-month pricing.

Coinigy offers an application programming interface (API) that allows account holders to access their account, check market data and account balances, place or cancel orders, and monitor cryptocurrencies placed on a watch list.

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