DEFINITION of 'David F. D'Alessandro'

David F. D'Alessandro is a former CEO, chairman, and president of John Hancock Financial Services. He is also the former president and COO of Canadian insurer Manulife Financial Corporation. At John Hancock, D'Alessandro distinguished himself by creating a new ad campaign and rebranding the company. He also led John Hancock through a transitional time, demutualizing the company and taking it public. The firm's initial public offering was in 1998.

BREAKING DOWN 'David F. D'Alessandro'

D'Alessandro was born in 1951 in New York State and earned his bachelor of science degree from Utica College in 1972. He then began working for public relations firm Daniel J. Edelman as an account supervisor. He joined Citibank Commercial Services in 1979 and began working for John Hancock in 1984, becoming its CEO and president in 1996 and its chairman in 2001. During the company rebranding, a commercial he designed won an award at the Cannes Film Festival. He led the company through a difficult period of shifting focus during its journey to go public. He became president and COO of Manulife when it acquired John Hancock in 2004. D'Alessandro retired shortly thereafter.

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