What is the 'David Hasselhoff Index'

The David Hasselhoff Stock Index is an index of publicly traded companies related to actor and singer David Hasselhoff through endorsements and other professional associations.

BREAKING DOWN 'David Hasselhoff Index'

The David Hasselhoff Stock Index is one of a number of stock indexes composed of companies associated with a public figure; in this case, actor and singer David Hasselhoff. Investors and analysts who develop such indexes operate on the theory that public affinity for a celebrity will bring positive attention to the companies with which the celebrity is connected, leading to an increased value of the stock of these companies.

The fickle nature of celebrity tends to mean that such indexes have a limited shelf life, especially when paired with the volatile nature of the stock market. While the David Hasselhoff Stock Index has fallen into obscurity in recent years, properties which have been associated with the index over time have included General Electric, the parent company of NBC, which helped make Hasselhoff an international star through hit shows like Baywatch, Knight Rider and America’s Got Talent; and the Walt Disney Company, which owns ABC, for which Hasselhoff starred on Dancing With The Stars.

Conceivably, a stock index could be drawn around any given celebrity by monitoring their endorsements and professional engagements. Other popular celebrity stock indexes established in recent years include the Paris Hilton Stock Index, the Eva Longoria Stock Index, and the Angelina Jolie Stock Index.

The Celebrity Behind the David Hasselhoff Stock Index

David Hasselhoff is an entertainer who rose to world-wide celebrity in the 1980s thanks to the prime-time television series Knight Rider, in which he played a crimefighter assisted by a technologically-advanced, artificial intelligence-powered car, and the subsequent success of Baywatch, a drama series about lifeguards. The Guinness Book of World Records has named Hasselhoff the all-time most-watched man on television.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1952, Hasselhoff began his career on the daytime soap opera The Young & the Restless in 1975, and continued in that role until being offered the starring role in Knight Rider. This role catapulted Hasselhoff to international fame before the show stopped production in 1986. Three years later, Hasselhoff took a starring role in Baywatch. The show was canceled after a season, but then Hasselhoff took over as executive producer and established the series as a syndicated hit. Baywatch continued to run for 11 seasons, and spawned several spin-off series and films.  

Concurrent with his rise to fame as an actor, Hasselhoff has enjoyed success as a recording artist, especially in Europe. In 1989, his song “Looking for Freedom” was a #1 hit in Germany, leading to a notable performance of the song shortly before the Berlin Wall fell.

In recent years, Hasselhoff has maintained his celebrity with appearances on reality and competition shows such as America’s Got Talent and Dancing With the Stars.

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