What Are Deliverables?

The word "deliverables" is a project management term describing the quantifiable goods or services that must be provided upon the completion of a project. Deliverables can be tangible or intangible in nature. For example, in a project focusing on upgrading a firm's technology, a deliverable may refer to the acquisition of a dozen new computers. On the other hand, for a software project, a deliverable might allude to the implementation of a computer program aimed at improving a company's accounts receivable computational efficiency.



BREAKING DOWN Deliverables

In addition to computer equipment and software programs, a deliverable may refer to in-person or online training programs, as well as design samples for products in the process of being developed. In many cases, deliverables are accompanied by instruction manuals.


Deliverables are usually contractually obligated requirements, detailed in agreements drawn up between two related parties within a company, or between a client and an outside consultant or developer. The documentation precisely articulates the description of a deliverable, as well as the delivery timeline and payment terms.


Many large projects include milestones, which are interim goals and targets that must be achieved by stipulated points in time. A milestone may refer to a portion of the deliverable due, or it may merely refer to a detailed progress report, describing the current status of a project.

Film Deliverables

In film production, deliverables refer to the range of audio, visual and paperwork files that producers must furnish to distributors. Audio and visual materials generally include stereo and Dolby 5.1 sound mixes, music and sound effects on separate files, as well as the full movie in a specified format. Paperwork deliverables include signed and executed licensing agreements for all music, errors and omissions reports, performance releases for all on-screen talent, a list of the credit block that will appear in all artwork and advertising, as well as location, artwork, and logo legal releases.