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What are 'Deliverables'

Deliverables is a project management term for the quantifiable goods or services that will be provided upon the completion of a project. Deliverables can be tangible or intangible parts of the development process, and they often are specified functions or characteristics of the project.

For example, in a project meant to upgrade a firm's technology, a deliverable may be a dozen new computers, while a software project may have a deliverable specifying that the computer program must be able to compute a company's accounts receivable.

BREAKING DOWN 'Deliverables'

Deliverables can be a software program, a system that is a component of a larger software package, a new or improved design, or the components of a new movie. Training programs are also a common type of deliverable, such as classes that are presented in person or software designed to teach large numbers of off-site personnel. Deliverables can also be design samples for products to be manufactured. The deliverables may or may not comprise everything that is to be completed by the end of a project. In some cases, deliverable samples or software are accompanied by a report or instruction manual.


The deliverables are usually specified in a contract or other agreement. This agreement can be between related parties within a company, such as when one department requires another to design or modify software, or between a client and a consultant or a developer. The documentation sets out the precise description of what is to delivered, the payment (if any) to be made and the timeline to be met.


Many large projects include milestones, which are goals and targets that must be achieved by stipulated points in time. A portion of the deliverables may be required on each of the dates, or the milestone may be only a requirement for a progress report. Meeting the milestones may include payments if the work is being done by a consultant, or it may be critical to an employee's performance review.

Film Deliverables

In film production, deliverables refer to the range of audio, visual and paperwork files that a producer must give to a distributor. Audio and visual materials generally include stereo and Dolby 5.1 sound mixes, music and sound effects on separate files, and the full movie in a specified format. Among the paperwork to be included are licensing agreements for all music, performance releases for everyone who appears in the movie, a list of the credit block that will appear in all artwork and advertising, location, artwork and logo releases.

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