What Is the Energy Institute?

The Energy Institute (EI), based in London, England, was formed by the 2003 merger between the Institute of Petroleum and the Institute of Energy. It is a membership-based professional organization dedicated to serving those working in and studying different forms of energy. Engineers can also receive their Chartered, Incorporated, and Engineering Technician status from the EI.

Understanding the EI

The Energy Institute is a resource for those working in and studying energy. Its membership includes approximately 23,000 international professionals representing over 250 companies. The EI hosts regular events and workshops through which professionals can exchange information regarding different types of energy, including oil, gas, nuclear and alternative energy.

EI is registered as a charity, and according to their website:

"As a member of the Professional Associations Research Network, the EI is:

• keeping up-to-date with the latest sector research and best practice guidance
• equipped through training and events to deal with the challenges professional bodies face
• part of an active network of professional bodies that learn from each other."

As of 2018, EI was being led by Louise Kingham, a professional with over 24 years of experience in the energy industry. Prior to their merging, Ms. Kingham served at both the Institute of Petroleum and the Energy Institute. EI provides training in environmental management, energy management, risk management, and oil and gas.

Information Provided by the Energy Institute

In addition to providing networking opportunities and training to those in the energy industry, the Energy Institute also provides a wealth of information relating to all types of energy. Some of the information is based on research done by EI itself, while some is from third parties. EI has an extensive library containing publications about the energy industry dating as far back as the mid-nineteenth century. Information can also be obtained online through EI's Energy Matrix, a digital database containing over 80,000 resources. EI members can opt to receive two magazines, Petroleum Review and Energy World, and have access to The Journal of the Energy Institute

Members also benefit from many events throughout the year, including International Petroleum Week, three days of seminars and conferences centered around the oil and gas industry. It attracts many senior members of the industry and culminates with a dinner for over 1,300 participants. In November, the Energy Institute presents the EI Awards to individuals and companies who have contributed significantly to the energy industry.