What is the 'Federal Reserve Bank Of Dallas'

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas is one of 12 Federal Reserve Banks, responsible for the Eleventh Federal Reserve District. Its territory includes the entire state of Texas, 26 parishes in northern Louisiana and 18 counties in southern New Mexico. Its main office is in Dallas, and it maintains branch banks in El Paso, Houston and San Antonio, Texas.

BREAKING DOWN 'Federal Reserve Bank Of Dallas'

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas is one of a dozen institutions nationwide whose responsibility is implementing the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve System. Its responsibilities include reviewing price inflation and charting economic growth, as well as regulating the banks within its territory. The bank also provides cash to other banks across the district and monitors electronic deposits.

The president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas is part of a rotation of reserve bank presidents who, along with the seven governors of the Federal Reserve Board and the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, meet to set open market operations. This is referred to as the Federal Open Market Committee.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas manages the United States' Electronic Transfer Account program. Bank notes printed by Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas are denoted by the mark K11: referring the eleventh district, and the fact that K is the 11th letter of the alphabet.

The current President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas is Robert S. Kaplan, who took office in 2015.

Federal Reserve Bank Of Dallas - Responsibilities and Services

The Dallas Fed develops a series of reports on the Texas economy, publishing surveys and analyses and making data about the economy of the Southwest available for research.

It also makes available larger studies on the U.S. and international economies, on topics such as PCE inflation, the market value of U.S. government debt and other white papers on international economic topics.

Because of Dallas' proximity to and dependence on the oil industry, the Fed there devotes resources to energy research, with many articles, surveys and reports made available for industry leaders, economists and investors.

The Dallas Fed also is a frequent source for media coverage, such as a recent NBC story that cited on of its reports:

"The story of Dallas-Fort Worth has been one of rapid growth for the better part of the past decade. And new figures from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas prove that story is not likely to change anytime soon," according to NBC.


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