Fisher College of Business

Fisher College of Business

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What Is the Fisher College of Business?

The Fisher College of Business is the business school at Ohio State University. Founded in 1916 and located in Columbus, Ohio, the school offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. The Fisher College of Business’s ranked as the 41st-best program in the U.S. by Businessweek for 2019-20. It received similar ratings from U.S. News and The Economist, who rated it as the country’s 37th and 50th-best programs, respectively.

Key Takeaways

  • The Fisher College of Business is a business school located at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.
  • The business school has a reputation for excellence in supply chain management education.
  • In recent years, the MBA at Fisher College of Business has been especially popular among individuals interested in pursuing careers in the financial services, management consulting, and healthcare sectors.

Overview of the Fisher College of Business

The Fisher College of Business is well-known for the diversity of its curriculum and the strength of its supply chain management curriculum. The Fisher College of Business Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is commonly ranked among the 50 best MBA programs in the U.S. by leading publications such as Businessweek, U.S. News, and the Financial Times. Students who enroll in any of the school's MBA tracks have access to over 100 elective courses drawn from the broader business school.

Previously called the College of Commerce and Journalism, the Fisher College of Business received its current name in 1993, following a $20 million donation by businessman and philanthropist, Max M. Fisher.

In 2020, the Fisher College of Business is home to nearly 9,000 students, of whom roughly 85% are enrolled in the full-time undergraduate program. They are joined by over 150 faculty members and an alumni network of over 80,000 living members.

Special Considerations

Programs at the Fisher College of Business are designed to provide a diverse range of electives, as well as numerous opportunities to apply academic knowledge in a real-world business setting.

To this end, the school offers more than 100 elective courses and maintains a network of partnerships with local businesses. Through these relationships, students can complete on-site projects during the school year, while also positioning themselves for internships and post-graduation job opportunities.

At the graduate level, Fisher College of Business offers a range of MBA and postgraduate programs. In addition to their full-time MBA program that takes two years to complete, the school also offers a variety of MBA programs designed for students who wish to study on a part-time basis while continuing to work in their careers. This includes their working professional MBA program as well as their executive MBA program.

Graduate Stats

With an annual tuition of roughly $50,000 for out-of-state students, graduates of the Fisher College of Business MBA program saw an average starting salary of just over $100,000 in 2019 and 91% of graduates received their offers within three months of graduation. 

In recent years, these grads have found employment primarily in the financial services and management consulting sectors, which collectively accounted for roughly 40% of the employment of the class of 2019. Healthcare, technology, and manufacturing were the next most popular sectors, collectively accounting for about 35% of the total.

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