Form 1095-C

DEFINITION of 'Form 1095-C'

An IRS form sent to anyone who was offered health insurance coverage through his or her employer. The form includes information you may have to provide on your federal tax return.


An Applicable Large Employer, a company that employs at least 50 people, has to provide affordable health coverage with a minimum level of coverage to all (or at least 95%) of its full-time employees and their dependents. This is called the employer shared responsibility provision under the Affordable Care Act. If you work for a company that has 50 or more full-time employees, and were offered coverage, you will receive this form.

Information on this form helps to determine your eligibility for a premium tax credit under the Affordable Care Act, if you choose to buy your insurance through a Health Insurance Marketplace instead of from your employer. If other people are covered under your employer-sponsored plan, provide them with a copy of this form. Your employer is only required to send the form to you.