DEFINITION of Frugalista

Frugalista is a modern term for someone who keeps with fashion and style trends without spending a lot of money. Frugalistas stay fashionable by shopping through alternative outlets, such as online auctions, secondhand stores and classified ads. They also reduce the amount of money spent in other areas of their lives, such as by growing their own food and reducing entertainment expenses. This is a popular term during recessions.


Frugalistas also try to maintain expensive-looking cosmetic appearances. For example, they may still get an expensive haircut, but they might cut back on their TV subscription to afford the recurring expense.  Award-winning journalist and blogger, Natalie McNeal, wrote extensively on how to live a fashionable, yet frugal lifestyle, in 2008, when she launched the Frugalista Files. Her popular blog became a book, and launched a series of similar blogs and books around living a glamorous lifestyle on a shoestring budget.