What is a Forex e-Book

Forex e-books are lengthy documents, produced in digital format, which provide information about trading in the foreign exchange (FX) market. E-Books are electronic versions of paper copy books, manuals, and documents, which are convenient to use due to their portability. Forex e-books may be available for free from some publishers or forex brokers. A forex e-book generally provides value to a trader by giving general information on strategies, signals, systems, and other promotional material.


It is important to note that forex e-books range in quality, so it is wise to only pay for an e-book from sources you trust. You should also be aware that many companies use e-books as a marketing tool, and this may apply to some forex e-books published by brokerages or websites selling access to foreign exchange charting software and analysis tools.

Forex e-books are highly convenient, and they typically don’t cost much. E-books usually cost less than printed books. They are widely available, easy to find and quick to download and start using. Their accessibility makes them a clear choice for people who want to learn about forex trading. Another advantage to using forex e-books is you can select a recently published e-book with timely information and avoid outdated versions. You may find that e-books from several years ago may contain information, especially as it pertains to technology, that’s no longer particularly useful.

One drawback to forex e-books is that the sheer volume of e-books available means you may have to wade through a lot of them to find the right one for you. And because many companies produce them as a marketing tool, you some e-books geared more toward sales than education.

E-books saw a dramatic rise in popularity throughout the early 2000s. They appear in an electronic format that readers can open on a computer screen, tablet or e-reader such as the Kindle. By 2010, the e-book had outpaced printed books in sales. Given the inherent complexity of the foreign currency market, e-books have become one of the most popular methods of learning for those who are just getting started in trading forex.

Compare Forex E-Books

As you compare forex e-books consider the author of the book. Look at their background to determine if they are active in the FX market and the results of their trades. Also, determine if the primary objective of the e-book is to encourage the reader to purchase additional products or software or to promote a particular forex dealer. 

Examine available offerings for timeliness, the topics included, and if the focus is on speculation or trading. 

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