Goldman 360

What Is Goldman 360?

Goldman 360 is a business platform developed by Goldman Sachs that is widely used by investment managers to assist them with money management and maximizing trading performance. The Goldman 360 platform includes a research database that generates investment ideas and investment research. Other services include trade execution, order management, and other portfolio calculation services.

How Goldman 360 Works

Goldman Sachs is a multinational finance company that does business in investment banking, trading, securities and several other financial areas, including mergers and acquisitions, asset management, prime brokerage and securities underwriting. The company was found in 1869 by Marcus Goldman and joined the New York Stock Exchange in 1896.

Goldman Sachs is a market maker and a primary dealer in U.S. Treasury securities. Goldman Sachs also owns a direct bank called GS Bank USA. Investment management accounts for 15.5% of the company’s revenues, and market making accounted for 35% of the company’s revenues in 2020.

Goldman Sachs Research and Market Analysis

The Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research division provides market analysis and insights for investment managers working with fixed income, equity, securities, currency and commodities in 25 stock markets and 50 economies around the world. Investors and investment managers rely on these research reports to understand the economic trends and problems that affect the performance of their investment portfolios, and the companies, markets and industries available to them as investors and investment managers.

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