DEFINITION of 'Google Blogger'

Google Blogger is a free publishing platform run by Google. It is designed to be easy to use so writers can upload content to their blogs via email, Google Plus and various Microsoft apps and programs. Google AdSense generates revenue, and users who have difficulty with Google Blogger can get support from the Google Blogger Forums.

BREAKING DOWN 'Google Blogger'

Users can sign up for a maximum of 100 blogs per account and customize those blogs with predesigned templates. Users sign in with a Google Account, and then click New Blog to get started. They can choose a name for the blog and customize a URL for readers to see when viewing content.

Vital Stats and Controls

Users control aspects of Google Blogger through the program's dashboard. The overview of the dashboard shows the blog's activity, news from Google or any updates to the program. Writers manage a particular blog by clicking the blog title, and from there, they create new posts. After a person creates a blog, he can click on View Blog to see what it looks like to the rest of the world.

Websites appear under the URL host The text editor is simple, and the software does not use JavaScript. Visitors to Google Blogger websites can view the content from a desktop or mobile platform. This program makes money through advertising revenue.

Moneymaking Capabilities

Anyone can make money through Google Blogger by monetizing a Google AdSense account. Users sign up for an AdSense account separately, and then link the advertisements to individual blogs. People enable ads on each blog by choosing an individual block, and then choosing the Earnings link on the left side of the menu. They then click on AdSense before applying for an account. Not all blogs may qualify for advertisements, so users should double-check the eligibility checklist. Blog writers manage earnings from advertisements on the dashboard.

Expanded Options

Starting in December 2015, bloggers can pick a favorite blog post to place alongside a regular blog. The Featured Post option is under the Layout function. Previous to this feature, users had to do some extra programming work to get this accomplished. In late 2012, Blogger expanded its reach into iOS and Android devices to allow users to compose blog posts on mobile devices. Bloggers can start tapping out posts after downloading the app to the correct mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet computer.

Brief History

Blogger was started in 1999 by Pyra Labs. The tech startup was co-founded by Evan Williams, one of the co-founders of Twitter. Google acquired Blogger in 2003 when the tech giant bought Pyra Labs.

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