What is the 'HEC International Business School'

As a leading academic institution in Europe and worldwide, the HEC International Business School located in Paris offers a range of education programs for students and professionals. HEC Paris has a full-time permanent faculty of 106 professors, 4,400 students and more than 8,000 managers in executive education programs every year.

BREAKING DOWN 'HEC International Business School'

Founded in 1881 by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the HEC International Business School has a prestigious reputation with 107 of its research faculty holding Ph.D.s from universities around the world.

HEC Paris offers a number of graduate programs, which include:

  • Masters in Management – The Grande Ecole program recruits students with little or no professional experience through a rigorous admissions process, and guides them towards top careers in management.
  • Masters Programs — Specialized Masters are designed for students at postgraduate level who want to acquire high-level expertise and professional knowledge in their chosen specialization. They are aimed at students with little or no professional experience, who already hold a bachelor’s degree from a university in France or abroad.
  • MBP Program — Designed for managers with 6 years’ work experience on average, the MBP enhances their leadership potential to boost and change their career paths.
  • Ph.D. Program — The Ph.D. is a highly selective program which offers high quality internationally renowned training in management sciences for professors and researchers.

The university has approximately 60 affiliate professors, 50 visiting professors and 700 lecturers.

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