DEFINITION of Hyperledger Caliper

Named after calipers, the tool that measures the precise distance between two points or the thickness of an object, Hyperledger Caliper is a blockchain benchmark tool that is used to evaluate the performance of a blockchain implementation using a set of predefined use cases.

BREAKING DOWN Hyperledger Caliper

Every now and then, popular blockchain networks, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, are prone performance issues like lack of available bandwidth to carry out transactions and network problems. This leads to longer transaction processing times, increased cost of transaction processing, and suboptimal network performance that can shake blockchain participants' trust (Bitcoin Transactions Vs. Credit Card Transactions).

With the increasing adoption of blockchains, many customized versions have surfaced. Specific blockchains may have customized tests available to gauge their individual performance, but at present, no general tool or performance measures exists that allows for performance evaluation for blockchain solutions based on a set of generally accepted performance benchmarks. The Hyperledger Caliper tool helps fill this gap.

Hyperledger Caliper supports the execution of tests, the generation of results, and the display of various reports based on a number of performance indicators. They include measure of transaction latency, TPS (Transactions Per Second), and resource utilization of the blockchain.

Hyperledger Caliper is intended for use by other Hyperledger projects that involve various blockchain implementation formats. With the increasing variety of custom blockchains, results and reports from the Hyperledger Caliper will provide a uniform, common scale to compare the various implementations. Using Hyperledger Caliper, different frameworks and implementations can be tried and tested to identify the best fit for an enterprise level blockchain implementation.

Hyperledger Caliper involves various components, which include adapters to interact with a variety of implementations, and several interfaces that help it to smoothly interact with backend blockchain systems. They include testing the installation of smart contracts, invoking contracts, and querying status from the blockchain ledger.

Hyperledger Caliper is in incubation stage, and currently has integration compatibility with prominent Hyperledger projects that include Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth and Hyperledger Iroha.

Hyperledger Caliper was initially contributed by developers from Bitwise, Huawei, Hyperchain, IBM , Oracle, Soramitsu, and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and is now hosted by The Linux Foundation.