Institute of Petroleum (IP)

Institute of Petroleum (IP)

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What is Institute of Petroleum (IP)

The Institute of Petroleum (IP) was a professional organization in the United Kingdom (UK).

Understanding Institute of Petroleum (IP)

In 2003, the Institute of Petroleum (IP) merged with the Institute of Energy to form the Energy Institute, or EI. The EI is the global professional body for the energy industry, developing and sharing information, skills and best practices toward safe, secure and sustainable energy. It is based in London with members in more than 100 countries. The EI provides learning and networking opportunities to support professional development, as well as professional recognition and technical and scientific knowledge resources on energy in many forms and applications.

Key Takeaways

  • The Institute of Petroleum was a professional organization in the United Kingdom that merged with the Institute of Energy to form the Energy Institute.
  • The Energy Institute is a registered charity that provides learning opportunities and networking opportunities for energy professionals and students.

EI organization and activities

The EI is a registered charity, incorporated by Royal Charter in 2003. It is licensed by the UK Engineering Council to offer Chartered, Incorporated and Engineering Technician status to engineers, the Science Council to award Chartered Scientist status, and also is licensed by the Society for the Environment to award Chartered Environmentalist status. In 2014, the EI centenary marked the creation in 1914 of the oldest of its founding organizations, the Institution of Petroleum Technologists, with a series of initiatives to celebrate the contributions of the energy sector. It is independent and its work is evidence-based and for public benefit. Its core values are good use of science based on evidence and information sharing. It seeks to establish high professional standards, personal responsibility and continuous development. The EI works with partners to achieve shared aims and transparency. Its activities reflect the global and local nature of energy issues.

EI strategic aims

The strategic aims of the EI are developing knowledge to improve understanding, delivering the skills needed, raising standards and promoting excellence in practice. The Energy Institute is committed to provide professional recognition as well as knowledge and information through conferences, technical publications and journals and online activities. Also, it is a source of technical and scientific support across the energy sectors. The EI offers education, training and library information services. It develops technical solutions and best practice guidance on health, safety and environment issues in partnership with the energy industry. It seeks to stimulate and facilitate policy debate and influence. And, it offers regional, national and international networks to unite the energy community. As a member of the Professional Associations Research Network, the EI aligns its goals with sector research and best practices guidance. It is equipped through training and events to deal with the challenges professional organizations face. And, EI is part of an active network of collaborative professional associations.

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