Euronext Dublin

What Is Euronext Dublin?

The term Euronext Dublin refers to a cross-border stock exchange located in Ireland. It was formed in 2018 as a result of the merger between the Irish Stock Exchange and Euronext. The exchange provides Irish and international companies with access to European capital markets. Investors have access to a variety of assets that trade on the exchange, including stocks and bonds. It operates electronically. The exchange's benchmark index is the ISEQ 20.

Key Takeaways

  • Euronext Dublin is an electronic stock exchange that operates out of Dublin, Ireland.
  • The exchange was formed following the merger between the Irish Stock Exchange and Euronext in 2018.
  • Securities that trade on the exchange include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs.
  • The ISEQ 20 is the benchmark index that tracks Euronext Dublin.
  • The Irish Stock Exchange began trading in 1793 and became a legally recognized entity in 1799.

Understanding Euronext Dublin

Euronext Dublin is a stock exchange that is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The exchange was established when the Irish Stock Exchange joined the Euronext Group in March 2018. As noted above, it is a hub for Irish and international companies, giving them access to capital markets across Europe.

The exchange is home to a variety of different securities, including stocks, bonds, Irish government bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Euronext Dublin is home to more than 48,000 bonds. As such, it is considered one of the world's leading exchanges for bond listings. It is also Europe's largest area for ETF trading.

Trading takes place electronically across the Optiq platform. Settlement for trades takes place across the Euroclear Bank. The exchange is open Monday to Friday, except for major holidays.

The benchmark index that tracks Euronext Dublin is the ISEQ 20, which is comprised of the 20 companies with the highest market capitalization on the overall ISEQ All-Share Index. The ISEQ 20 tracks at about €6,900 as of August 2022.

Special Considerations

The Central Bank of Ireland has authority over Euronext Dublin. This authority is extended to the exchange's four securities markets, including Euronext Dublin, Euronext Growth, the Global Exchange Market, and the Atlantic Securities Market.

Euronext Dublin is headed up by chief executive officer (CEO) Daniel Byrne. He is also a member of the Euronext board. The board has 10 board members, which also includes the CEO. The board is chaired by Stéphane Boujnah, who is also the group's CEO.

History of Euronext Dublin

As noted above, Euronext Dublin was formed in March 2018 when the Irish Stock Exchange was merged with Euronext, which is the largest stock exchange group in Europe. The group was originally established with the merger of stock exchanges in Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris in 2000. Euronext expanded its presence in Europe when it established Euronext Lisbon in 2002, Euronext Oslo in 2019, and Euronext Milan in 2021.

The Irish Stock Exchange began trading in 1793 and became a legally recognized entity in 1799 when the Irish Parliament passed the Stock Exchange (Dublin) Act. In 1973, the exchange was merged with other British and Irish stock exchanges and became part of the International Stock Exchange of Great Britain and Ireland. This merger became known as the London Stock Exchange (LSE). In 1995, the Irish Stock Exchange became a separate, autonomous entity once again.

The Irish Stock Exchange was a member of the World Federation of Stock Exchanges (WFE), as well as the Federation of European Stock Exchanges. Both these organizations are industry associations that represent global and European exchanges, respectively.

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