DEFINITION of 'Euronext Dublin'

Euronext Dublin was formed in March 2018 when the Irish Stock Exchange merged with Euronext, a cross-border European stock exchange.   The Irish Stock Exchange began trading in 1793, and became a legally recognized entity in 1799 when the Irish Parliament passed the Stock Exchange (Dublin) Act.  In 1973, the Irish Stock Exchange was merged with other British and Irish stock exchanges and became part of the International Stock Exchange of Great Britain and Ireland. This merger became known as the London Stock Exchange. After more than two decades, however, the Irish Stock Exchange once again became a separate, autonomous entity in 1995. That arrangement lasted until 2018 when the merger with Euronext was finalized.

BREAKING DOWN 'Euronext Dublin'

The Irish Stock Exchange was a member of the World Federation of Stock Exchanges, as well as the Federation of European Stock Exchanges. The combined group under the Euronext name said it's "the largest center for debt and funds listings in the world, with more than 37,000 listed bonds and 5,600 funds, and a major player in ETFs with 1,050 listings."

Stéphane Boujnah, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Managing Board of Euronext, said in a statement that, "As the only pan-European exchange operator, Euronext is uniquely positioned to welcome independent exchanges such as the Irish Stock Exchange, now Euronext Dublin, that want to join its federal model and benefit from its single cross-country liquidity pool, its state-of-the-art proprietary technology, and its single rule book."

Euronext Dublin Operations

Euronext Dublin said it operates four markets: "The Main Securities Market for listing debt, shares, funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs); the Global Exchange Market for debt and funds and the Enterprise Securities Market and the Atlantic Securities Market for companies raising equity."

The new board of Euronext Dublin has four non-executive directors and the CEO of Euronext Dublin. In 2017, operating under the Irish Stock Exchange, the ISE said it ranked #1 for bond and investment fund listings worldwide with >36,700 securities listed; had the world’s largest ever Sukuk listing, as well as sovereigns, green bonds, banks, European, Middle East, North and Latin American, Chinese corporates among 10,000 new debt listings; and raised 5.1billion euros in equity funds including AIB, the largest IPO in Europe in 2017. 

Parent company Euronext said it operates four national regulated securities and derivatives markets in Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon and Paris, the regulated securities market in Ireland and the UK-based regulated securities market, Euronext London. 

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