What is the 'Jesse H. Jones Graduate School Of Business '

The Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business is the business school of Rice University in Houston, Texas.

The school specializes in accounting, finance, marketing, organizational behavior and management, energy, entrepreneurship and health care. Degrees offered include the Rice Master of Business Administration (MBA), MBA @ Rice (online MBA program), MBA for Executives and MBA for Professionals.

BREAKING DOWN 'Jesse H. Jones Graduate School Of Business '

The Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business was founded with a grant in 1974, and is located in Houston, Texas. The school prides itself on its low student-to-faculty ratio, and many of its masters programs are accredited by AACSB International. It was named in honor of Jesse Holman Jones, a Houston businessman and civic leader. The school received its initial funding in 1974 through a major gift from the Houston Endowment Inc., a philanthropic foundation established by Jones and his wife.

In addition, the school offers several joint degree programs, including the MD/MBA with Baylor College of Medicine. Its Ph.D. in Business — in marketing, finance, strategic management and accounting — attracts candidates wanting to become faculty at business schools in prestigious research universities internationally.

The Jones School also provides an undergraduate business minor and full schedule of non-credit executive education open enrollment and customized courses for business and industry, along with certificates in finance and accounting, health care and marketing.

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