What is the 'Krannert School of Management'

The Krannert School of Management at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, has produced 23 Apollo and other NASA astronauts - more than any other university. That’s partly because it looks to develop students’ analytical skills with research-based learning. In 2009, the business school was ranked 45th among 75 business schools in the country according to Forbes.

BREAKING DOWN 'Krannert School of Management'

The Krannert School of Management was established in 1962, and currently has nearly 20 clubs and organizations open to undergraduates, including the School of Management Council (SMC). There are approximately 25 professional, cultural and special interest clubs at the graduate level, including the Krannert Graduate Student Association (KGSA).

The School of Management offers eight undergraduate degree programs: accounting, economics, finance, industrial management, marketing, strategy and organizational management; and supply chain information and analytics.

Its "3+2" program is available to the best-of-the-best undergraduates in the School of Management and allows students to complete their B.S. and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees in five years.

Over the course of an academic year, Purdue hosts campus interviewing activities and numerous career fairs. Between 1,200-1,400 unique companies visit campus and meet with students seeking internships or full employment.

One of the highest-profile and most attended, both by employers and student job-seekers, is Krannert’s School of Management Employers Forum (SMEF), which includes student-run careers fairs each fall and spring semester.

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