What Is Law of 29

The law of 29 is a belief held by some marketers that on average a prospective customer will not purchase a good or service until they have been exposed to a marketing message 29 times. While the number of messages can greatly differ when trying to reach prospective clients, advocates of the law of 29 believe that a constant, "in your face" approach to marketing is the best way to sell a product or service.


The law of 29 is the basis behind drip marketing, a direct marketing approach that involves sending numerous promotional messages to prospective clients over a period of time. Drip marketing may be used as a means of lead generation using automated communications to help build a relationship with potential customers.

Drip marketers may choose from a variety of distribution types for targeting their mass marketing campaigns such as email, social media or direct mail. These repeated messages help the marketer reach a large client base in the hope of turning prospects into customers through techniques such as the law of 29.

Drip marketing may be best seen as a lower-impact way of keeping top-of-mind in longer-tailed sales efforts. This type of marketing is seen as an important strategy to keep leads engaged with your brand and updated with information that they may value – generating sales down the line.