What is the Lindsay Lohan Stock Index

The Lindsay Lohan Stock Index is an index of publicly traded companies that are related to actress and singer Lindsay Lohan through endorsements and other professional associations.

BREAKING DOWN Lindsay Lohan Stock Index

The Lindsay Lohan Stock Index is one of a number of celebrity-focused stock indexes which are comprised of companies associated with a public figure such as Lindsay Lohan. These indexes develop relying on the theory that public affinity for a celebrity will bring positive attention to the companies with which the celebrity is connected, leading to an increased value of the stock of these companies. The fickle nature of celebrity tends to mean that such indexes have a limited shelf life, especially when paired with the volatile nature of the stock market.

At the height of Lindsay Lohan’s celebrity in the late 2000’s, companies associated with her stock index included Disney, General Electric/NBC and Viacom through her prominent acting roles; Vivendi/Universal Music Group, which released Lohan’s music; and Mattel, which produced a Lindsay Lohan doll. This index also included Daimler, the manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz automobiles, which Lohan was famous for driving.  

Conceivably, a stock index could be drawn around any given celebrity by monitoring their endorsements and professional engagements. Other popular celebrity stock indexes which have been established in recent years include the Eva Longoria Stock Index, the Angelina Jolie Stock Index, and the Paris Hilton Stock Index.

The Celebrity Behind the Lindsay Lohan Stock Index

Lindsay Lohan is an entertainer who established her career as a child star and teen idol in the 1990s, breaking into international stardom with roles in Disney’s 1998 remake of The Parent Trap.

Born in New York in 1986, Lohan began her career as a model at the age of three, appearing in fashion ads for Abercrombie and Calvin Klein Kids as well as television commercials, including an ad for Jell-O. At the age of 10, Lohan joined the cast of the daytime soap opera Another World, which led to her star-making lead in The Parent Trop in 1998.

Lohan followed that success starring in another Disney remake, Freaky Friday, in 2003 and in the following year secured her spot as a teen idol with lead roles in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and Mean Girls. Throughout the 2000s, Lohan continued to work steadily in films and television, which led to great public attention as the star’s life entered increased turbulence, including substance abuse, a series of car accidents and legal troubles. Ultimately, Lohan’s convictions led to jail time and probation for the actress. Lohan continues to work as an actress, singer, and producer, although attempts to rekindle her career have as yet not lifted her to earlier levels of success.