Lisk is a decentralized blockchain-based application platform that enables app developers to create, distribute and manage decentralized applications (dApps) on a JavaScript-based software development kit (SDK), in addition to offering them the liberty to create their own customized blockchains to support their apps.


Many existing dApp blockchain platforms, like Ethereum, host all their apps on a single blockchain which can lead to issues like network congestion and limited resource availability. Lisk addresses such issues by allowing developers to build and control their own blockchain as a sidechain that is linked to the Lisk's primary mainchain.

All features, parameters, and transaction types of this sidechain can be configured to make the best fit to a developer’s blockchain application which runs on the dedicated sidechain. This keeps the mainchain free and efficient.

Lisk offers its own cryptocurrency called LSK tokens, and has its own wallet called Lisk Nano wallet.