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What is the 'London Business School'

The London Business School is a postgraduate academy of international business in London offering a Master of Business Administration (MBA). The school, ranked as one of the top business schools in the world, is known for its exceptionally prestigious MBA program. 

The London Business School is a constituent college of the University of London. Founded as the London Graduate School of Business Studies in 1964, the prestigious institution is located in the Marylebone neighborhood of London, adjacent to Regent’s Park.

BREAKING DOWN 'London Business School'

London Business School's vision has had a profound impact on the way the world does business. The school’s full-time MBA program regularly ranks among the best in the world. In research, the school is ranked top 10 and holds the highest average research score of any U.K. academic institution.

The school's faculty hails from 29 countries, and its 22 core faculty is considered one of the most significant concentrations of business scholars in the world. Grouping of faculty is into seven subject areas of Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management Science and Operations, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, and Strategy and Entrepreneurship. 

The London Business School has had students from over 130 countries attend, with alumni in over 150 countries around the world, well known for its diversity of thought. 

Additionally, the London Business School has various research centers in Aditya Birla India Centre, AQR Asset Management Institute, Centre for Corporate Governance, Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Leadership Institute and Private Equity at LBS.

The school operates an additional campus in Dubai which offers an Executive MBA and maintains partnerships and programs with various universities throughout the world. The most notable of these associations are the EMBA-Global Asia program with Columbia Business School and The University of Hong Kong.

London Business School Course Offerings

The school has several programs in additions to its flagship Masters in Business Administration. The MBA program is available as both a full time and flexible schedule program. London School of Business offers a one-year Masters in Management as well as a two-year Global Masters in Management, in conjunction with the Fudan School of Management. The two-year program provides the student with both a Masters in Management and a Masters in Science. London Business School has an Executive MBA geared towards mid-career managers. This course is offered at both the London and Dubai Campuses. 

The Executive MBA-Global Americas program allows students to graduate with MBAs from both the Columbia Business School and London Business School. Additional courses include the EMBA Global-Asia, where the student receives degrees from both the institutions mentioned above as well as the University of Hong Kong (HKUST). 

The Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy, a Masters in Finance, Masters in Financial Analysis and a full-time, four-year Ph.D. which prepares scholars for academia.

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